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I didn't say it. I don't know why. Now since the year has ended the Panthers have traded quarterback, Teddy, Bridgewater Denver, then they traded for quarterback. Sam darnold. And I went another thing. I nailed told you guys, I knew Teddy wasn't the long-term plan at quarterback, I don't know that. He's feel bad for Teddy Bridgewater, man, his career was so exciting in Minnesota and it never got back together since then. And the reality is that Good quarterbacks all the time are put in situations. Where, like New York, the Jets were not a situation where he was set to succeed. He was never going to be about Drew Brees, you know, you kind of get one opportunity where when you're first, drafted a team will really believe in you put a lot behind you and Gardner mentions. A guy in Jacksonville where I wish that he would build around him. I wished the Jaguars built around him won't because once the shine is kind of run stuff a quarterback. They never again like you're not going to build around a thirty-seven-year-old quarterback. No one does that unless you're Tom Brady and it's it's just kind of sad. So Teddy Bridgewater. I knew it wasn't a long-term plan at quarterback. I was right about that but I was a little bit sad at a twinge of sadness cuz I like Teddy. I think he's awesome and I feel his career has just been kind of like God what kind of a missed opportunity? Like dang it man. You know in the right scenario with a really good team around him Teddy. Bridgewater could have been awesome. Now, it is worth noting that 11 of the Carolina Panthers losses. I guess, let me, let me back up the Panthers went five and eleven last year they lost eleven games. Eight, eight of the 11, losses wage by one score or less. So the Panthers did really compete last year, they lost by three points to New Orleans. They lost a Kansas City, the defending Champion by two points, they lost to the Packers by faith. Like this is a team that was regularly in the mix, even if they weren't winning a lot of games. And by the way, that's in a year, when their star player Christian McCaffrey, they're running back was hurt. He owned three games at high ankle sprain. I think part of that was Carolina was like this year, doesn't matter. We're not going to risk the future of Christian McCaffrey on this, you know, kind of down year in 2028. And you know losing those eleven games did help Carolina get a better draft pick, they drafted Corner, JC horn out of South Carolina. So I feel really good about the Carolina Panthers, rebuild so long. Our they've done a lot to upgrade and rebuild their team. The defense that you stand out rookies last year, they had Derek Brown defensive tackle, who was it's a position, doesn't get a lot of shine but I thought he did well. They had a safety. Jeremy chin was in the mix for Rookie of the Year, kind of came out of nowhere for a lot of people and was like, wow,.

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