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Products and services where it's more passive with your selling and maybe it makes more inbound selling versus out. Selling but at the end of the day you are still selling so get over the fact that you might not like to sell right especially if you want to be and more importantly stay home business. So if you don't have sales skills, whether you need to get out there and them remember John molyneux the sales samurai from episode 15 because he made him Be a door knocker to hone his sales skills. So and he had a number of other tips to go back and check that one out. If you haven't listened to it already. Now, if you have some sales skills, but you're not good wage, or you're uncomfortable with them was then you're going to need to practice them to get good at them and get very comfortable with them. You can let's liken this to asking someone for a date right? It's weird or it might even be tough the first few times. Okay? Okay the first few hundred of times, but you just still got to get out there and do it at the end of day. It's a numbers game, right? Yeah. Here's a bit another example. I can can think back to my days where I used to love go out dancing, right? We'd go out and hit the clubs me and a couple of buddies and then I would always go into the club and I'd walk in with the sauce mindset of she's here. I know she's here. I don't know which one she is, but I'm going to find her, you know, and I walked in with that mindset and it worked right off because I knew would have just have to get first get through the first I don't know five or ten right conversations with ladies until I would find her now dead. I know I know this is such a guy example, right but if you think about it, it's true. Oh and by the way, guys The Confident funny approach works best. All right. All right. Let me get back on topic. I'm sorry. Okay. So everything you do to sell begins with what it begins with successful marketing because if you're not able to communicate your message to the mom successfully. Well, then you're going to be making your sales efforts a whole lot more difficult. However on the flip side if you do it. Well, you'll be making your efforts.

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