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The town will be there brad williams ron fudges busted open radio corey taylor fuzzy fill caballo bassett sons king the stir the dave spitak project the darlings of rock and roll the cherry bombs shoot to thrill the world's best female as these blizzard vases was best ozzy cover band noel foley will be there and of course the ring of honor presented to see of honor tournament aboard the ship matches happening on the cruise in the middle of the ocean and the winter the sea of honor tournament gets a ring on a world heavyweight championship shot in the future kenya mega will be there young bucks will be in the tournament villain moldy squirrel briscoe brothers don't castle fragging zaria adam page chris daniels jay lethal delirious american nightmare cody don't call them rose he'll they'll all be in the moment cody's wife brand you'll be there women of honor will be represented so many more names to be announced we're not stopping that we are not stopping until the truth is sold out and we're working on on on on a cruise number two so many great great great great names remember anything that happens on the ship when you reserve your cabin is all inclusive it's all for free so go to chris jericho cruise dot com and book your cabin now all right come on friday the thirty fifth anniversary of my favorite movies the outside is francis ford coppola the outsiders also happens to be danny boyle connors of favorite movie he's from house of pain we met up as we went to the the curtis brothers house because danny boys actually bought the house with a curtis but this grew up in the movie pony boy soda and dairy he lives there now he actually has a study of outsiders museum he starting outsiders resurgence based on his love of hin books i love hitting well as well thirty five years of the outsiders one of my favorite movies of all time so quotable dallas winston matt dillon he goes to the drive in these harassing cherry and she goes why can't you just be nice goes i'm never nice i love that line johnny we'll do johnny very very cool movie one of my favorites of all time also danny boyle connors favorably from house paint so we're going to talk all about that the outsiders thirty.

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