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Depreciation is just from bill belichick no i don't think it's anybody else in the patriots organization brian scott brainy covers the celtics ren be sports boston also worse for yahu sports and nba radio on sirius xm and brian set to join us now brian good morning how are you well you got to wait who's calling you know what i thought waiting for a call from you so usually silence my phone but it it came on the home number instead but no i'm all set i'm good if i told you back in november that boston would be here now in the second round against the seventy sixers what would you have said wow i think that i thought that boston would be in a second round philadelphia i thought this would be a learning curve for them and it was probably looking it was like it was headed that way until they grab ilyasova belly nellie added the shooting to the lineup i was a huge huge fan of been simmons from the very first preseason game i watched them play that he was dynamic love the way that he considered on the basket left and right hand love the fact that he could see over the defense and he was a big time passer so i could see that happening i just didn't think the rest of those guys we're going to be good enough guys i missed out on saric he's much better than i thought and then no way could i predicted that the dishes of guiding you know some some premium shooters in in in the league and really giving nothing to get them you know full would be a little bit better than he is but philadelphia definitely fast for the track of rebuilding process in and pretty much one season.

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