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Were. Who got it. Right in. Taking between england and italy like you. Can't you know. I was so disappointed that it was close strays. I wanted an onslaught for italy. Why i don't know because you can all cheer for whoever you want to cheer for but man the game was going to be close anyway. But i'm assuming italy would have been the favourite by a margin a narrow narrow margin greg's twitter fifty one percent to forty nine percent. Now you know. I'm not a huge gambler right. I love having chats as do you with cool beck curse curse abbott from quebec. But i know very little about it. So i'm watching the euro two thousand final with three bodies and one guy's an italian fan the other guys cheering for england. So hedge my bets right well. The one guy cheering for england. He's actually england wasn't there so he didn't know what was going on. So i bet twenty bucks that england would win with my body cheering for italy and then i bet fifty with my guy who was cheering for england. Who wasn't there. The italians win. So i came out thirty bucks a head. That's that's good hedging their no wa- it is because you want otherwise you would lost thirty. I couldn't well. That's true our that. I that tournament the way it's structured and the teams that are in it the countries that are in it is just great theater just so much fun i was. It was a fantastic final. All right. let's get to the headlines presented by tommy guns original barbershop and while we were going through our prep work. Talk about the podcast this morning. Thursday morning tweeted abode zakheim. The toronto maple leafs having permission to wows agent. Todd reynolds has permission to speak with all clubs around the national hockey league about a potential trade. So what that means is his rights would be traded or they could do sign and trade and toronto gets a little bit more potentially In that regard as well pretty clear indication and leaves fans on twitter..

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