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Munich eight like we can never make that mistake again we have to know how much shit like if that's your lane you have to go through every a thing to make sure that it's there and that we never never again so i just think communicating really direct maybe not as director john fosko like i'm trying to work on that but i try to do a good job of you know letting people role and if they screw stuff up help them through it up and then make sure we never do it against your that's it yeah i mean the one thing i would i would add that i that i didn't get to thrown before is drawing that clear line like we talk about an hour a little more in depth on personal and business so you have you have employees you have people you lead that you can absolutely a door as human beings but when you are leading them in a business manner or an anything that's organized it's not about your feelings regarding them personally it's simply a gal the task at hand so you have to act accordingly and i believe a lot of people have trouble understanding the fact that if i am talking you a certain way or my i'm trying to lure a direct you on how to accomplish a certain task and it's not the same way i talk to you when we are at the restaurant on lunch it's because this is business and that is personal in i've even had circumstances where let's at i've had to let somebody go of it to fire them to me that is a practice of business that has nothing to do with the fact that were friends and we can still be friendly but a lot of people they just hold too tight and they blurred those lines so what i'll say to the listeners this meant if you could draw that line so clearly.

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