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A couple of days ago. I received a video from a listener. And it was a segment. That jake tapper had done about Having received a vaccine and he was given credit for the fact that this was a medical miracle that a vaccine had been created in such record time. We've never seen anything like that. And then of course you know the fda and everybody a i think pray. A lot of the protocols were stripped away to get this thing to market because the whole country wanted it to happen. But i don't believe this would have happened in any other environment with any other president and he gave credit to the company the pharmaceutical companies and he gave credit to everybody else and then at the end grudgingly he said in yes even former president donald trump. Well what the hell this guy made it. Hap- he drove this buggy. He whipped he pushed. He gave no alternative and coming from a business background. He had an approach that no other president. All of them practically spending a good portion of their adult professional careers in politics. I i think they would have accepted that. It would have taken longer and he just refused to accept. He willed it to happen well. Back in october there was an article by caroline hicks. That said white house. Deputy chief of staff says covid nineteen vaccine likely available by end of twenty twenty one. It was part of operation warp speed. There were some who laughed that this would happen. There was some who denied that it would happen but very few people believed that it could happen. And guess what we now take for. Granted it did had we not been in an election year and had it not been president trump else they would have won the nobel peace prize. That deputy chief of staff is former louisiana congressman and then assistant to the president for planning and implementation and former And and not former still. Dr louisiana's own doctor john fleming. Who is our guest. Dr fleming talk to me about your involvement in operation warp speed including the president's expectation. That we get this thing done quickly and your understanding that this is not an easy thing to.

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