Klay Thompson, David West, Zaza Pachulia discussed on Dunc'd On Basketball NBA Podcast - 15 in 60 (Western Conference 10.30.17)


A think another thing to watch for them at this point is stuff is urging 28 a game only hitting thirty four percent a on 3's though does of a twenty nine p r k d averaging 25 i'm sorry 26 the game klay thompson at twenty one a game nobody else even closer to figures draymond green at eighty game and then of the guys who actually play you've got like sean everyone else's below five points a game david west is actually the one guy has been a little bit better he's a couple of days his leave not been getting a ton of contributions that from other guys and it's been it is not quite been the beautiful warriors basketball we've been accustomed to seeing in fact like you're at that wizards game on friday and once dream and got kicked out especially it was just your germyh turn k kd pick and roll or isos pretty much the entire second happened there killing it because those guys are just really good but curry you could see him getting really frustrated that they weren't playing the usual type of of where's bestball so they're just or not is connected on either under the floor and i think it other thing too is that zaza pachulia is he might be about done or do the that's possibly started off last year badly to through but he really at the they've not look good in his minutes they haven't and defensively he's like a little bit often than ostensibly it's it might even be a step back from last year he's there was a play today where he had it looked like he had a pretty open layup any pass the ball to ovary caspi and caspi fumbled it out of bounds i think because he never expected the ball to come to let let me when a guy has a layup with an has a lap and there's like maybe a little bit of footsteps you never expect to get the ball and so that's going to be a problem the fortunate thing for the warriors is if kerr is willing to play the hot hand they have a lot of other options.

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