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Tuned into in deep with Angie Coiro Richard Clarke security and terrorism expert under George H. W. bush and Bill Clinton is taking questions from the audience member the audience is concerned that Congress and the president famously can't grasp scientific concepts how do we get them to step up and do their part before major calamity occurs and if I can add to that who's doing that right now do so I love making fun of the Congress because when I was in office I couldn't and it will have to testify before committees I had a the legislative adviser he told me this one rule to remember you can not be too obsequious in testifying before the Congress so now that I don't have to do that I make fun of the Congress but there are members of Congress I think of a guy named congressman Lang oven a Democrat from Rhode Island I think of a guy named Mike McMurray from Texas Republican they really understand the stuff so the Warner from Virginia really gets it so yeah you see some of these octogenarians senators occasionally making fools of themselves trying to understand the Google but it's not all like that and they have really smart staff members they really do so it's not a lack of knowledge it's really a lack of the president putting together a plan for a series of plans or series of proposals and going up there and saying here you know past this or amended let's talk about it there's no cyber initiative policy initiative for them to deal with does anyone currently have his ear that we might have hoped would do that Tucker Carlson all right good corporations get together to produce a one size fits all cyber defense system and you do describe collaborative efforts in your book there's a lot of collaborative efforts critically in in industry verticals for example all of the banks have gotten together and share intelligence information share best practices and have set up a system so that when one bank detects a new form of malware a new attack technique within minutes all the other big banks know about that the end of adjusted their firewall settings and and so there is there is a lot of data sharing in certain certain industries how are we doing with preventing ransomware attacks no well so ransomware for those you don't know is when someone gets into your corporate network or your government at work and they encrypted that sounds like a good thing because encryption is is one way of you know preventing spots the problem is they don't give you the key so you can't read it so now you'd log onto your network and all of the data everything on your network is it gibberish and this is a problem when you're trying to run the hospital this is a problem when you try to run the city so we've had a lot of cities hit by ransomware Baltimore Atlanta without hospitals hit by ransomware and what they say when they hit you is we will give you the key we will unlock the ransomware formed an million dollars in bit coin and occasionally decides vice companies the case Lee I got a call now and then the call will be one of my clients and they'll say somebody I know has a company that got hit by ransomware what do I do and typically I say do you have backup that you are confident has not been encrypted no then you pay no my co author rob Kentucky who's not here tonight screams every time I say this because he hates the idea of giving money to criminals I don't speak for him he says yeah they go out and buy Ferraris they are on the streets of Moscow but they also take some of that money and spend it on more advanced techniques you know getting computer scientist to figure out how to make things work so his idea which I think is in the book is we should make it illegal to pay rent somewhere okay but until it is if I'm the mayor of Baltimore North America led up and my job is to deliver services to that city and I can't because the computer network as them and all I have to do is give fifteen million dollars to some Russian I'm gonna give them fifteen million dollars USA today agrees with my co author and so in Friday's USA today you will see an op ed by the USA today editorial board saying don't.

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