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Have personal. Liberty shines brighter than any bang else. Love it. i love. I've never heard like that. Great great stuff. Great stuff jeff. I'm so excited that. Have you have you back here and sharing that with us again in some new stuff yet today. About breaking up to wake up people so wake up Show was now. Please let us know where we can find you after the show where they can connect what you further best way to find everything and anything. They spoke about facebook. Facebook dot com slash jocelyn dot bellows twenty or an made mentioned Quickly on behalf my first book coming out break up to wake up journey beyond the now coming out by the whig by the holidays twenty twenty will be sixteen offers including myself chang personal journeys inver gus two cups around relationship herenton relationship ego alcohol addiction leaving a cult stories from around the world. You'll find more details there. My facebook page and i also producing a series of panel of naturalness. This episode hair started to over twelve. October twelve november seventeen. Today's dates in december and january Also called up to break a panel series will talk intimidate the myself and three guests this panels about the the timelines come must breakup to wake ups. We start and murray can reach directory so again that moment when we decide to transform and then what comes as a result to that transformation i love it. I love the way for the. I'm sure that's can be outstanding. People get to that connect with her She has a great things coming. Obviously you just heard it now Before the twenty twenty. And i'm hoping that you to have the same type of feeling in enjoyment of doing that. We have a couple more months left in his twenty twenty. Let's make the best that you've had so far. I know it's been a crazy crazy year for everybody all over the world really so it's time to push it continued to build its And they will come just going to keep on. Keep on keep added people That's what this is all about and you will soon be thirty in year. Old space A words before out of here today. Jessica you stay on so heavy back here so That is all take care of your body. We'll see you on the next episode of the authority project. And that's a rapper. this episode of the authority projects. Thanks so much for tuning in and if you like what you heard we want to hear from you. Subscribe rate and give an honest review. Jaren tell your friends so they can hear too and for even more authority building. Tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter dot com get free weekly content and ongoing digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey we certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an aha moment from today's broadcast. Just remember it's your authority. Build it and they will come until next time..

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