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Well there were tons of people at the giant arena it's it's not because it's a really big arena that's giant foods out in Pennsylvania their their grocery store chain out there so it's it's not because the big arena they call it giant that's because the food company one nonetheless got it president was there and of course it was on the day of very is is CNN and everybody every news outlets and and historic day in the United States where they announced they were drawing up these articles of impeachment so far we've heard this morning there about twenty to thirty Democrats course saying can't we just censure him instead we don't know if we want to go through this whole thing with the impeachment so Nancy Pelosi dragged kicking and screaming by the extreme left in her party to go through this impeachment thing when she was announcing it yesterday did she look a little bit nervous yeah I think so right a little shaky a little bit nervous not because of the gravity of the situation so I think she was thinking yourself man I hope I can pull this off otherwise I'm done and you know what is suddenly they the Democrats said well you know it just wouldn't be right for this country to go through something as terrible as an impeachment and besides those nasty Republicans in the Senate we just figured out that they're going to have to run the trial and we're not gonna be able to come up with these cockamamie rules like we did in the house of representatives that we won't allow the Republicans any witnesses or we won't allow them to bring bring council up there to get a counter what are what people are saying so you know what we're just concentric pressed instead of going through this impeachment thing and not that I think that's a possibility of happening but you got all these Democrats out there who are fighting for their lives because they were elected in the twenty eighteen election in trump voting districts districts in twenty sixteen I voted for Donald Trump is thirty one of them is a matter of fact and apparently they're getting a lot of calls from their constituents saying Hey by the way we voted for trump we're going to vote for him again and if you vote for him to be impeached were voting you out of office and barely phone lines been buzzing and apparently the phone lines been buzzing in a lot of these even democratic districts this is what we're hearing from but I'm skimming hearing from Capitol Hill is that even Democrats strongholds are getting calls from their constituents saying don't you dare vote for this right I mean there's no way there's no way that people who are experienced in this realm of the world are looking at this I'm going yeah this is gonna work out yeah it's going to make them look silly and what for which primarily I hope it does but you've got a lot of Democrats out there on shaky ground especially with the economy like you have it now with what's going on in this United these United States of America you've got the best economy we've ever had Jim Cramer C. N. B. C. A.'s crazy guy that has had she wanted I'd I love watching Kramer talk about stocks when you start with the jobs numbers on Friday he was giddy he was like a little kid he said these are the best numbers we've seen in our lifetimes and he's right more people have money in their pocket more people are employed and it doesn't matter what sector of the economy you're talking about male or female doesn't matter what color you are doesn't matter have high school diplomas maybe college degrees actually even felons they check that box in the in the labor statistics those that have been incarcerated before out there they can find work if there are so many jobs out there for people we can't even fill enough of them and they're going to try and impeach this guy I thought the funniest thing yesterday was this they go in the file these articles in the of impeachment and then I mean literally it was less than an hour later where Nancy Pelosi is standing up and saying we've come to this landmark deal about the U. S. M. C. A. which is the trade deal to replace nafta this is what president trump ran on this is one of his signature items for his presidency if this guy is so bad for this country but you have to impeach him how are you doing to working with him why are you pushing through this little piece of legislation right which by the way is going to make him look incredibly good I was just looking at the Dow Jones industrial average on November of twenty sixteen okay it was that just under eighteen thousand nine where are we today twenty seven thousand eight hundred eighty one were almost a twenty eight thousand so it's almost ten thousand one X. in years thank you all Bhama but they're all these credible it is buy the stock market that doesn't affect me do you have a four one K. well yeah that's through work okay it's invested in the stock market yeah that's right that's so that money comes from I mean the these numbers are fact you can't deny that right you can't look at Abby all of those that's not that's not affecting me yes it is everyone is better than this even the easy pens to liberals who are trump wasted they're benefiting as well they can't deny that week sherry are you trying to say they're benefiting from the crown a trickle down effect of the crown that man yeah and the crumbs are getting deep in people's pockets because every those morons are turning into full blown cookies as far as I'm concerned okay Corey opening right about now we're talking giant loaves of bread here right you know the world's biggest cookie that's in the Guinness book right about now yeah those are my class now that's right and what was it last week Steve Moore said the average middle class home is doing five thousand two hundred fifty dollars more in their pockets because of the president and the tax rate give taxes regulations businesses being able to operate more freely hire more workers wages going up it's just incredibly cats they want to impeach this president it's craziness course if Washington DC and then only love following along it's like a completely forgot about what happened under the Obama administration what we've been going through for the last eight well I mean even before Obama but I'm saying just you know for at least the last eight years of organ hone in on something closely yeah you're right we we've all been suffering through through this whole thing right no matter what class here and and now no matter what class you're in you're thriving all the let's impeach him because their eyes are engine is air spank and if you think of where would we be I don't have in for bed all my god this yeah and this is an election gone the other assets fembot had one you're right amber because remember remember what Obama said he said you know the one percent growth in the economy what that this the new normal this a new normal there's no manufacturing coming back to this country lane and what it what and if you are succeeding you didn't do that you did build that and bill that by yourself Hey we the United States government had a hand in that Hey and let me tell you something you want talk about success this economy is working well even for Barack and Michelle Obama all of that story coming up in just a little bit traffic just around the corner five forty three the time talk radio five sixty KSFO okay time to get stocking stuffers I know making with the travel games first in this let's kitchen gadgets and I'll get one of those digital tape measures container store Mason would love a mini arcade game to contain I'm sorry why do you keep whispering containers hard because they have all that stuff I just wanna grab stocking stuffers for everyone thanks stranger no problem New.

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