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I'm man. And that's just our first date and we had the alphabet scared off now. I didn't get scared off and I knew I wanted to marry that down. Anybody I can get scared off. It would have been him because I had like the psycho ex words like she had the psycho ex in two kids. Yeah and Ethan was just like we can talk the early white no baggage career. I was a complete opposite of this guy number way complete. Yeah so then dated for how long. What was the what was date K.? Boy The ABC. Some are really hard to remember. We'll probably I'll probably think of it later. Do Jay okay. So you guys talked about. So what was actually was on E.. Ethan said at this way Ethan is Jessica Slave and Jay was Jessica's because even sleep. That was literally like how I told that one. I don't remember that you didn't you didn't say right. I'm correcting your what I told that. That's the way shape might be shave. Your made me go to. She made me go Vegan restaurant and I instantly discovered. They're both in my recollection recollection. You didn't like your food and you didn't like me how to beard. We do anything good that day today. We went rollerblading and we went to Venice. I didn't wear rollerblades though did I. I can't stand up on the. We biked Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that was the day that was the ears an eclipse on her. Oh you crazy drumming in tandem at Venice beach all the weird cult people in like white closed the sun it was our date was listener clips. ABS- yeah we were blown away. God the God is all over this guy can just bring down up to you at Chippewa. God can make an eclipse happen on our date now they have to come up with Alphabetical dates if we needed all the all the women listening standards raise Affable dates from my idea. I'm kind of a romantic. Yeah I will sort of like when we first started talking about getting married. Ethan's like okay. I guess we're going to have to just have like skulls skulls and like like remember. That was the first time I said. Skulls Pennsylvania accent Pennsylvania accent. Because I was it's very anti the idea of getting married again. So when we first started going justice of the peace and get like a court thing yeah it was like oh no no no no no and the first for someone ring. Shopping malls like crap. I gave them hope how decision I kept having to coax it out of her. Like like We'll just say you know when you're little girl. What did you imagine your wedding would be like? Because she the whole idea of doing another wedding just freaked out but it Kinda keep coaxing out information formation from early. Oh well there was a point where I did think that I wanted to string quartet or never got it so eventually we worked out in. Our wedding was still probably best just number two. It went perfect like it was just amazing day. Destinies family was It it was is Hispanic and her grandma was like grandma. Wanted the wedding to be her grandma links and her grandma wanted wanted our wedding to be like her dream wedding so it was like every every decision destiny made she was like. You're not gonNA have puffy sleeves you you know who doesn't have puffy sleeves put doesn't have puppies leaves waiting and then you will not slay the bull. The wedding there will be no bowl but is is this Mariachi. One of the Mariachi band. You know you don't have you're not gonNA have Mariachi. What kind of wedding is this? So that's my whole story Alkyl you're not GonNa have Alcohol Gerona Jessica Pretty Teetotaler family but we boldly drank alcohol in their faces his brutal all right. Well those were beautiful stories. Our eyes are watering with emotion. And you get hate mail.

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