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We've got the second podcast. Femina is coming up tomorrow with the news on reaction from today's women's time trial which is about to get underway big crowds actually gathering here. I mentioned the the international nature of those. There are some danes in some swiss in front of me here waving their flags. The swish swish big big travelers on They were huge cowbells as well. Normally no. they'll be here. I guess that they'll be the the marlin reussir supporters club em and they while they've got big interests in this time after the united say she's probably the favorite for that so they'll be. They'll be supporting her. I've no we've also go episode of service. Course later this week. Lizzy banks and tom walley and Life in the peleton returns with mitch. Jonker in conversation with hannah. Barnes who is joining norwegian team. You know x. next year isn't chase moving on from canyon schramm lionel. We're going to look ahead to the road races the we can. We've got a day off on thursday here at the world championships. And then the junior on the twenty. Three women's and men's races The weekend we'll be looking forward to the women's road race and femina tomorrow and are really intriguing. Man's road race in prospect. On a course here we are in flanders is of course. That doesn't really have too many echoes with too many of the very many races that there are here. I mean flesh brabourne saw bourbon. Pale is the one that's mentioned most regularly. I'm actually doing a ride on thursday and around the two circuits. So i'll be writing all the claims that they'll be tackling on sundays more insight into after after that but as as a race that well. We're going to hear from screen in the moment who department very strong danish team and he. He doesn't think it's going to be as hard as to flanders and so the race is Could be quite an an open race and you know we look at the the strong teams certainly the the belgians the danish and the italians and sunny cobb rally has to be a strong contender even if even seen caleb ewan mention himself as a cider to win which suggests that and you could get quite a big group coming to the finish yet. It could be really interesting. It could be anything could happen. This is what. I enjoy about the world championship road race when it's on one of these courses can't quite tell in advance how it's going to play out oversee the distances a big factor But if there's no real set piece repetitive. Serious climb as we have seen in recent editions. A anything could happen. If and his lining up alongside today gotcha run. Julian philippe matthew vendor pool. Premiums rogue lich sony code belly. It just shows you that the race could either come down. To some honest sprints or it will be showdown between the three wonders of the world. That's fine art van depaul elderly plus the stage races. Paul gotcha and rural glitch or it could be one of those ones where we're all left scratching our head to the end and wondering. Well how did they let that happen or sort of thinking back to one thousand nine hundred nine. Oscar prayer is first world championship win. Wages clicked off the front and no-one went with him. That's the beauty of the world championships citizen. Lots of people like to see the rainbow jersey on the shoulders of of a writer that can genuinely be considered one of the sort of moving monuments of the peleton in the current case. Judy and obviously the defending champion war. The rainbow jersey with an awful lot of clout hasn't would never say anything other than he's one of the finest rogers in the world but yeah it's it's going to be. I think tactically intriguing an interesting rice and you mentioned the danes. Richard line up looks on paper to be extremely strong. Particularly given that they have casper ashlin the to flanders winner. Magnus core of course was on fire at the walter and michael algren. Who on a cost like this. Could well be a writer to watch especially when those attacks start going. And there's a reluctance to to bring things back together not to mention. Mark patterson the world champion two years ago and i would also say mikhail honore has been writing really well in the last few weeks as well. They've got really really strong team. No obvious leader. you know. Several guys can win there and it was really interesting speaking.

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