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When when you're out there, it's like nothing happens. The one thing that I'm loving seeing, And this is what I talked about when the when the power play was not being successful is the motion and I, actually, honestly I was watching Columbus's powerfully. And they got stagnant on the half ports. And it's it's an easy kill. But when you saw Patrick Kane one side of the ice to the other, the movement between Duncan Keith, you know, setting up Kubelik. You've got some good motion down low with Sean Strom. Moving in from the front of the net. Harry ordered another slot from the middle of the ice to the side of the ice to be available. Lots of good movement and that's what you need, and it was not a buzzkill. They had lots of opportunities in the first power play. They had five chances and they were really good. Unfortunately, they didn't score. But you're not going to be too disappointed because sometimes you're just not going to score. But it's the processes as you look forward to how you need to play to be successful in the long run, and right now you're seeing some really good moment at movement, and I think that the guys out there and especially, you know you have to focus on Patrick Kane. I think he's kind of excited. What's going on. If people feel that he's excited about what's going on here, said I liked the options. You know, Alex to break its Not there. Well, we got some different hands in there, and we're having some different looks that I You know for for for a team that comes into this season, where there's a lot of people looking and pointing fingers, I think they've done an excellent job to be where they are right now, and they're being very competitive and they're putting themselves in a position that they could concern Selves in tow. A postseason berth, You know, but let's take a quick break here in the postgame show. We're waiting for Jeremy Carlton to speak with the general media. But while we have a chance now, while he's still doing a particular interview with NBC Sports car Let's take our first break and come back in here from that coach After this black Hawks win, 31 you listen to the Blackhawks postgame show on 7 20, WGN..

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