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Same thing and so we're in early days, at this point the suits have just been filed the suit filed this has, been a, long time in coming quite frankly told us surprising that taking. This long to get to this point okay well we'll be following it, for many many weeks to come I would suspect? Steve, Kastenbaum Westwood One. Joining us from New York City Steve thanks a million take care thank, you here's here's what I don't like about the way The law. Works okay so this is not the case that's gonna fix the. Sanctuaries this could go to the supreme court it's. Still would only be about the. Can you with. Your hold funds I I wished the law, worked this way where he could just go to the supreme court and say. The. Whole, sanctuary city thing that okay or, not yeah and then. They just jaw about that and then decide as opposed to you have, to. Have a particular. Case just. About the. Funding, part no can you do this or not Cities or states or counties make up their own immigration policy you're not is not going to solve that. It's. Hilarious I'm picturing you in your what is that the flash t shirt yes I'm wearing a flash t-shirt targets Comecon or it was next? In. Line in my t shirt drawer And. Your Jean jacket you walk in? The giant doors of the supreme? Court, some some people call this look, the Tennessee tuxedo the Jean jacket and jeans especially with cowboy boots There's some, sort of hipster irony with a flash t, shirt and Jean jacket Tennessee on purpose Tennessee. Tuxedo was one of. My, favorite. Cartoons as, a kid you ever watch that that's a good one yeah trembling so anyway It doesn't matter. Let's not get too. Far, down. That tangent There you are in your Tennessee tuxedo Tennessee I'm. In you go before the supreme court and what did? You just say this sanctuary city? Thing, can. We, do this or now yeah exactly and and then you walk out and the justices get the Justice in that would be great, too many of. Lawyers on each side arguing their thing I'll ask a waste of time you ask. The, question will give you a. Week yeah, that's your clerks and, stuff? And they they do. Other research right and the justices disagree so they would each do plenty of research and then to. Combat that, you do your own research so, yeah that would take care of it. But that's what we gotta get to. That's that's obviously what's going to happen why do we have. To wait fifteen years or however long it's gonna take right before we get there, or if we had an actual congress they could just. Pass, a, law, that. Made. It, clear right right right right yeah well we're considering that as part of a comprehensive immigration reform which we're expecting to be. Voted on in roughly twenty forty four the year Twenty forty four twenty one forty four Yeah by bipartisan Bill? The ready act do you want this you're watching your net flicks and. All, of, a, sudden you get there. We're we're we're this is a report this is a, report we are under attack from ISIS or there is an amber alert or whatever they're gonna use it. For a tornado is headed your way. You, want, that on everything you got well yes The you want to be interrupted some. Of, it Some of it yes some of it no So this is, a, bipartisan idea that, if you're on Netflix Spotify. Whatever, you're on you'll get the emergency. Alert boy I'm not entirely comfortable with this the government will be able to. Message me at all times for their purposes it's like the, highway. Signs started, off fiery wreck ahead slowdown, quickly save yourselves and now. Is, you. Know various that. Don't drive drunk okay? Fine buckle your seatbelts what do you do you? Stop, paying attention to the signs. Because right yeah. It's, just PR stuff. Now They they think that?.

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