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That's what it's called. Yeah, all those things. NBC sports soccer network dot org. Yeah. And he's a good guy. And I like him, but he's like, well, you know, he's going to make more money. Yes, he definitely will. Like, his life-changing money compared to what he's on in MLS, but he's not going to play and Nicholas was one of these advanced the idea. Well, he's facing top quality players and taking shots on him in training. No, goalkeepers have to play. It's not the same training will never be the same as games. It's a unique position. It's not that unique of a position. And look, there are examples which people will be furiously tweeting towards this. This podcast right now of where goalkeepers weren't status for their clubs, but were starters internationally and they were Sergio Romero's the big one took Argentina to a World Cup final. Right. It didn't last that long. You want your goalkeepers? Do you want your players to be starting? And the goalkeepers know different and that's a worry for me. Is it a great move to go to arsenal? Yes. I get it for him. I get it for him, but it's not good for the U.S. as far as I'm concerned. I mean, look, would I rather him be playing regularly? Of course. But I do, I can see a little bit of how a goalkeeper can maybe remain sharper as a number two in a way that an outfield player I'd be more concerned with. No. Then he got it too. The modern goalkeeper isn't in this isolated position like it used to be. Modern goalkeepers really involved in things. He's not running up and down the field. Look at how it yeah, but look at, look at how involved the modern goalkeeper is that all the top goalkeepers we think of are playing with their feet. They're getting touches on the ball. They're under pressure. You don't get that same kind of intensity in training. You just don't. That's why it's training. That's why it's practiced. And we already know Turner is a goalkeeper who is not exactly the best with his feet. If he has won Achilles heel, his heel is his foot, bear with me. And he needs to play. It's not that we've seen a ton of Stefan, but you know he's the U.S.'s number one. He's played as their number one through the bulk of World Cup qualifying. He's been Manchester City's number two for a while now. That's been his role. When I watch him play, to me, like, from the time he was with Columbus to the time he was to him being with Manchester City, I don't feel like I'm looking at a player that's gotten worse. I feel like he's I'm still comfortable with him as the goalkeeper and he's been in that number two job for quite some time now. If that, if the sudden drop off is going to come because he's not getting regular minutes as the first team keeper, it hasn't come yet. So I don't know. We'll see. Who knows? Maybe every guy is different, but to me it's not, again, it's not a end of the world scenario. But we'll see if it happens. Hasn't happened yet. Any other takeaways, JJ, from this team? I think obviously the boost your absence is unfortunate. We've been talking about that. I would just say with Tim ream. He's been slowly phased out by Greg. You feel like early Greg had leaned on his experience. And he ended up even in left back, left fullback a couple of times. But that era seems to be drawing to a clause. And that's more veteran leadership that's being moved out of the squad, despite Fulham going really well and him starting every single game. His last game was El Salvador in September. That's the last time he started, and he was in the squad the last time that September again in the four one away win in Honduras. So he is being kind of fizzed out. There's one other thing that stands out to me before we move on. 13 MLS players who have not been playing football for some months now. Greg says that January camp will have bridged that fitness gap and sharpness gap for them. I'm not so sure. I think it's a look at someone like Brendan Harrison. They've been on break he hasn't played in 6 weeks, Virginia odes. He hasn't played since December 4th, I think, through COVID and injury. Yeah. But they would have but they would have had organized trainings with their clubs in that. I mean, MLS is only in pre season and apart from this January camp, how much have they how much have they done? That's in a group setting in a team setting. It's a concern. I don't know whether it will end up mattering, I don't know. The things for me seeing Jordan Morris back in the squad just gave me good feelings, JJ. He is one of Andrew's people. He's one of my people. I've got the jingle yet Andrew. I've even thought about it. Can you work on it, please? Nope. No, I'll get to it. I'll get to it. But yeah, I was very happy to see him back in. JJ Weston McKinney, Greg bear halter said that he's what was the quote. He's probably in the form of his life. I'm excited. I mean, if that is, in fact, the case, which it seems to be right now with the way he's been playing at Juventus, I'm excited to see how that manifests itself with the national team. And then the only other thing that was interesting to me talk about rim not being there, Anthony Robinson is the only true left back that was included on this squad. I'm going to play three games in a week. He ain't playing three games in a week. So it's going to be some experimentation time. And I guess desk will be the guy who will probably audition for that left back role. His versatility his in terms of ending up in any position where he's needed is going to be tested. I would say. Yeah. So I'll be interested to see that. And I'll be interested to see who becomes, you know, who is, you know, I assume when all things are equal, if everyone's healthy, Robinson, on the left, desk on the right, when desk moves over to the left to give Robinson some kind of breather. Who is the preferred right back to fill in for desk? Because I know Regan is now starting again regularly at Bo vista. We don't know Deandre edlin. It sounds like it's headed back to MLS. That's not definitive yet. I thought I even saw that whole city. We're interested in the outland, but it looks like he could be going to Miami. So we'll have to wait and see. He's on the squad. I'll just be, I'll be interested to see who what the pecking order is of right backs for this. When you think yedlin has had enough of weather in the northeast of England, you know, Sunderland, Newcastle hall, like he wants to go somewhere else. You know, coming straight from the heat of turkey. No. Are Miami and.

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