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You know what i'm saying. You know they be on my back about what you got new air. What you own which you got new you know even touched still what i ain't heard you know what i'm saying. I swear and. I always got some for him. You know what i'm saying. Oh god but now you can add to that list now will be on your on your phone. Oh yeah i'm beyond your back like i'm just something real quick definitely go to you. Know what i'm saying we can run it in these are radio mixes that we may go got you know so. I'm waiting for one of my people to send me back some Did send a couple of songs just to be critiqued Just to see from like industry. Standard like rachel rachel how to see you know how how they feel about it. You know what. I'm saying if they're if they're muslim with it and if they're not then why not. What can we change. What can we do right. Because these people are like real life industry people like this is what they do so you know i feel like even though i don't know you but this is my city so i still do some degree to have a an a biased opinion like i'm relationships raw. Like yeah you need to run that blah blah blah like because. That's it's madison. Like i consider. Madison artists like all my artists. Like if i see some like everybody needs to get off. let's go. Everybody needs to get on a good. That's a good way to think for. So that's that's the best way to actually so i'm hoping that she'll she'll email me back within the next week and let me know kind of what what she thinks. And then i'll pass that along to you all for like i like the tell me how can you tell me what i gotta do. Tell me like you feel me. Hi found slurred if i sound. You know i like that. You sound exactly. Like i liked it. I like like being critiqued on unbiased. Because they don't live here they don't know whether you know nice. Sometimes i really be wanting to hear like the bad more than a good. So i could change the vet Saying they'll they'll hear something else that we don't have you ain't doing okay. Now vinegar dudas. Here what i did good sometimes because i rather here without doing bad so i can change it so we don't even got this problem in future. You know saying see i do a positive a negative and a positive like i'll tell you what you did row and then i'm like okay but we can work on this and then i'll finish it with but you but you killed it on this because you know you've got to build people up. Tell him what's up and you want them to leave what that positive you know on the positive note so it's interesting. I'm interested to see what what she has to say but she's dope. I'm interested to so where'd you get you beat from. I'll be from youtube while lisa more. Sometimes i got a few engineers is make these. But i ain't really hit shutout last night. I got with either way we're raytheon those ratios got a lotta strange. I think it was like how many two hundred k. I think ray sean. That's in atlanta. Right now oh shuttled to show doing their thing in atlanta right now is right in his elements role. He was sitting in that director chair. And i'm like dash you right there. S where you're saying. I like san. i swear. I really know 'cause like with this. I really don't listen to mainstream artists like that to be really are rather like listen to my city. You know when. I like when you like is crazy light. That's how i like. You know so. I understand that and listening to mainstream is because like everybody like when you listen to them. It's like they feel like if you you're gonna try to sound like them. I don't want to sound nothing like them. So i try to not listen to them. Try to not get a delight. But i listened to him but i don't listen to him. I won't sit there like it's a few sit down to. But i don't. I'm not a i'm not a real but i feel like half of the mainstream artists. Local artists from whatever state city are the ones that are ghost writing for them anyways. But my playlist. My apple play list has more local music than it does industry music by far as good. That's nice would like in this. Because that's how detroit is actually like. They don't really. I mean they more into detroit any other place. My kids be super irritated. 'cause i'm always listening to the local artists so they they don't know it. It'd be like who is that. And i'll say that I'm like you already know i'm coming. They go no yup. No no one son was running on telephone. i'm grave. I shot up to taste sharkey for the next few months for show. I swear i still love this on my show the remix with duct that goes hard only yes recipes. Duck get into. I know i know. I know we know how to next. We're gonna play a song negations. Okay so now. This is my favorite song off the album. We just go jump into it. Yeah off beats what you all guys. Bryron survey priest dumping whole pint. They got a one out for the products that he only just made it up. Road going crazy feat by man okay. I ate all gone crazy. They finished. I still pretty busy. Not business you say why. He ain't me position and who thought his case. Dan handed calvin keys speaking. Nobody nicomedes sister me but this guy few dumping pro pain free five duck saturday scores. Get act crazy. We got breaks in his nigga. Warning major look blowed out. No hesitation suit. Did the transplant dollar. He wrote a statement. Rolling out around was negative. Brad brownstown at a baby bass. But i would have fucked up big wrecks my jeans. I just had to say a teen in one hundred and yell probate brain bisbee got the case still bit rava blood holes like that nigga him i would again hold. You always see the when. I ride this coupe babysitting a trip when she started trolling funding because they bummy any holes. We was that day blow to word. It starts at thirty thousand pounds. Got the city boom in down in. Turn off my phone. When i'm looking at powell told his own toys around the plan that we gotta landau photo nas. League space. Trying to layabout are no does need. I'll be back down giving a freeze. Made my head sperber because my pockets compensates hit the of war with us based to what they can't make enough to take on online song. You know big money. They hope peach pies portfolio pinot knoll. Taking trips i won't say it. You know if. I went up talking.

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