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Record their presence by electronic device and their names would be reported in alphabetical order by state. They have to convene house essentially, they have to get everyone there because they're going to elect the leadership representatives who have not obtain their voting ID cards may do. So now in the speakers lobby. So it was around this time the ice snuck in myself to the house press gallery balcony, and I couldn't help noticing. How really different the energy the appearance were on the two sides of the house on the democratic side. It was youthful and loud and a little kind of chaotic children running around. And there was kind of. See of clothing there was a Palestinian through a Muslim head scarf. That was a Pueblo address and on the Republican side by comparison, it it was really kind of stark. Yeah. It was pretty striking. I mean, I think part of it is just the demographics of the new democratic class, and you know, the democratic caucus has already pretty diverse. But this new infusion of members really made that a lot more pronounced. And they made a point today of like really strutting that displaying that. Well, I mean, Deb, Holland who is the first native American woman in congress made a point of wearing her traditional Pueblo drafts with the moccasins and like the beautiful turquoise and silver jewelry, and you know, she did that because she was making a statement. And, you know, the first Palestinian member more her as you mentioned Thole, and again, that's not something she wears every day. But it's because they wanted to take note of this moment and have the world take note of this moment that you know, this is different. Is a different face of congress. And on the Republican side. It was a lot of men in business suits and ties and women in like solid colored sensible business dresses, and then you know, the mood. I think was also just more somber. They're losing the majority and they're much less relevant in the current environment divided government pursuant to law and precedent. The next order of business is election of the speaker of the house of representatives. So basically, not kind of unfolded for a while until they got to the point where they had enough members present on the floor nominations are now in order to actually start the little the clerk recognizes the gentlemen from New York, mister, Geoffrey, Geoffrey, who's the head of the democratic caucus gets up to make his nominating speech. Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi a voice for the voiceless a defender of the disenfranchise this super high energy nominee squarely behind her today. He ends with saying House Democrats are down with NDP or down with MVP..

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