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On. Joe is the professional. He's the one that should be giving the advice about this about me. But I didn't say you should get advice. You should have the meat of the story given that you are, in fact. Act in your email it says lead researcher for Laban Hessler Doctrine. So what? What is does it? I guess if people Disabused of the notion that if they shave their whiskeys that they'll come back stronger than people. I mean, women wanna get rid of the unwanted hair. Yeah, well, it's called dermal Planing is I called shaving Now? Come on for the new names, Right? So that's what we do that with Can we should we don't play that We still have to shave. Where? Man? Hey, Jared, you know I was a little little Child. How do you? How do you Dr Joe or something? Almost Just almost. 60. Yes, almost 16. You know I'll be 57 in about a month or so. And when I find as I get older, the way that I feel younger is that I just get rid of any unwanted excess hair. Yes, uh, under my arms in my arms gone, never thought about it feels like 45 years old. And then I realized If I don't get rid of this excess hair, it's just going to continue to become like, you know, if I just let the lawn grow, never do anything with it. It's just gonna keep on going and getting more disgusting. Why, Just last night, I shaved the hair at the top of my right between my shoulder blades that hair right there. It's just there's no reason for it to be there. Look, I'm not been Jane and I have been together for 33 years. I'm not going out. I'm not going going and finding a date. There's no reason for me to Freshen up. Really look good that I myself the one way I keep myself from feeling like my grandfather is I just get rid of the excess of my grandfather. Oh, he had the crazy scientist eyebrows back. Yeah, yeah, the bushes coming out of his. Here's all of that. Just I think that's one way to keep yourself from Prematurely aging is to just get rid of that excess hair. So what is this called Dermot Dermot Plane, Dermot Plenty for women. I guess it's manscaping for us. Yeah, Jared, I here in a couple years is actually gonna start to grow a beard. I've heard that Jared if he if he tried for the next two years, we could not grow in here It grows. It is a strike like a tiger stripe from from my cheek For my left cheek gallon of my neck is the weirdest And every once in a while, for some weird reason, he decides that he is going to try to grow facial hair and it's hilarious. It's just hilarious. I wonder he was dumbfounded. One day he asked me how often I shave it. When I said every day he couldn't believe it. Yeah, I'm not used to die by one racer every two years. Howard loves you for the money you're saving on saying, Yeah, Absolutely. And so what about the rest of the body? Jared? Just nothing. I mean, it's It's kind of weird from the belly button down. I'm kind of Harry. But then, uh, everything not here. Really like chest. No hair on the chest. I sort of like a hole in my chest. What do they call that? Because happy love Trailed had. Really Yeah. So it starts of the from the belly button down your Bolivian for the belly button up your Japanese. Yeah. Came out all of your Livia's right there. All right. Next story for Dr Joe. All right, this next one comes from G. Q. Which is a fashion magazine. Yeah, I've heard of it. Gentlemen's quarterly. Yes. Apparently, you're not a gentleman. But gentlemen, such as myself are quite familiar with gentlemen's quarterly. Well, Here's the headline co washing is the better way to wash your hair. Now, guys, what is CO washing using conditioner conditioner? Washington Because it's just you don't use soap, which I'm okay with you. Don't you don't wanna dry out your scalp. So you just Instead of using shampoo. You just conditioned leave it in. I do that and then rinse it off. So wait a minute. Hold on. Now You have to wash your hair at some point. Well, every two or three days, four days. If you get sweaty, you could do it. But otherwise I think I'm okay with this conditioning thing. Gotta use the national tradition or without sulfates. And what if you're a guy who jumps on the treadmill for an hour and a half every day to get 10,000 steps in You don't just toss conditioner on top of your head. Then now, if you get sweaty, it's okay to wash it off. But generally speaking for, you know, water by yourself will work to to get rid of the oil and dirt. Yeah, really? What is this stuff? I've always heard all my life. I've heard about dry shit. What is dry shampoo? What does that do it? I don't trust it. It's a powder that just absorbs the oil. That's all it does. Yeah. Amazing. The music Festival Stone Amazing. You go when Jared living the bohemian lifestyle, he's out there and all those two skipping those hot BDM girls are any kind of driving around a little pasty is in the bikini bottoms on these. Hey, gotta.

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