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The floor is yours wow okay well i'll start with this you talk about shifts i mean shifts are really not strategy that's just defensive place to do that okay great yeah the nfl needs to keep keep the pitcher in we talk about strategy baseball these as is so simplified now it's only a strike at our home run that's it there's really nothing much in the middle i mean a hidden very drastic i mean there until the playoffs there's the hit and runs are dead the stolen bases are dead blending runners over that's baseball that is literally baseball hit the hetman hicky hicky okay you get your kids right you don't have any kids yet all right let's just say you're you're a father of two forget the price of going to a game i hate that argument to all right you get the father pack the kids up we're going to go to a game it's at a nationally ballpark can't wait the dodgers are in town clayton kershaw pitching are you going to see clayton kershaw pitcher clayton kershaw pitch okay and you're sitting in the upper tier you've got your ten dollar hotdogs you got your cokes your kids the cotton candy are you sitting there turning your kids and go boy i really hope they call for the hit and run here in the fourth inning or do you want to see a d h come up and hit the ball onto the freaking ballpark you want to see the ball out of the ballpark but the hit and run it's an exciting play it's an exciting play it is but anyway that's not the point titanic that just hits the iceberg that goes i'm going down this is the point of strategy this is why baseball still needs to keep the pitcher and strategy because you why if you're an nfl game you're pitchers dueling europe one nothing in the seventh inning pitch council lows you throw out there for the second and third one out what are you going to do and they it doesn't matter you just run your line about their no thoughts but now you have to really think not thought you don't figure out what's going on in the bullpen later all right handed bats coming up i gotta get to my left the no perspective strictly yeah picking and choosing the strategy upset this is part of the strategy the al you guys have to deal with this the nfl if your pitcher is absolutely in a groove your one nothing in the seventh inning second third and he's do up you have to figure i do i chose ibope enough to get six outs in the eighth and ninth inning to keep going or shy let him hit because he's pitching so well and bank on the fact that one nothing is going to get this job that is still strident on and i would never have to know what that being a yankee fan hey watching do fish that strategy still in place now because now we're so worried about pitch counts and not letting guys throw complete games so the strategy now is back in the al because of pitch counts in the way they handle pitchers oh you don't have to that's more about the pay you have to worry about him today you take him out whenever you want you pitch count wise i'm saying you might be forced to take him out because he's in a situation batting wise words like how many times does that really happen i watch games all the time it happens you want the mess four innings so enough but again this is it's just it's part of the strategy that required was strategy in one thousand nine hundred seventy three it's two thousand eighteen the game has changed at a time the change with it and the fact that rob manfred is so ignorant to this to me is a bad sign for baseball we could talk about pace of play at pitching now visits pitch clock the biggest problem in baseball today is that we're treating these leagues like your two separate leagues could you imagine the western conference in the nba and we're gonna play four on four these the play five on five but when the sixers go play at the lakers now the sixers got to play four on four how stupid his dad it's what league half the rules the same linear let's go i don't disagree and that there should be no d h is my final should be absolutely yeah that's what we need to see.

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