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Podcast where we sometimes discuss camouflage dodo birds and leaky black cow boon. It's here with me if you're watching on YouTube, please. Smash the like button like your Brandon Davies, you have consent and there was some significant scheduling news announced on Tuesday night John calipari and Mark few jointly announced during a telethon, the Kentucky man's basketball program was holding to raise money to assist parts of the state that have been devastated by recent flooding. They announced the UK and Gonzaga. Gonna start a home at home series this upcoming season. They're gonna play November 20th, 2022 in Spokane. Thinking Zack is gonna return the game, play it ruff arena in the 2023 24 season. Strong Joe, how good is a Kentucky Gonzaga home at home series? Oh, it's fantastic. It's fantastic. This is exactly what college basketball. This is what makes college basketball so great. Two teams who are probably going to be top 5 pre season teams. They're top 5 preseason right now on your CBS sports top 25 and one. The venues should be fantastic. I really enjoyed kind of the video that Kentucky put out yesterday kind of announcing the news. John calipari teasing it saying few once the schedule a game, but that few is dictating the terms and then it was almost like subtension when they were kind of talking about it, saying, you know, callous and we're Kentucky. And Mark view is still kind of dictating the terms. If you kind of went back at him saying like, hey, you know, we were fine. Cow is the one who said, hey, want to play, and I just kind of agreed to it. So however it worked, however it went down. I'm very happy that it went down because a home and home between Gonzaga and Kentucky is going to be fantastic. Theater, especially next season, two really good teams. I mean, drew Timmy versus Oscar Shibuya is going to be a fantastic matchup very much looking forward to this two game series. It's awesome. It's two of the biggest brands in the sport. Like you said, two pre season top 5 teams. I've got Gonzaga number one in the top 25 and one. I've got Kentucky number four, both picked to win their leagues. So to projected conference champions, two of the biggest, like I said, brands in the sport. A current Hall of Fame coach and a future undeniable Hall of Fame coach. And two first team preseason all Americans on the court, in some cases, I'm certain guarding each other. It is the last season's preseason national player of the year drew Timmy. And last season's actual player of the year, Oscar she wet. So it is just awesome, awesome, awesome. But I will say, and I watched the video and it was, it was fun. But nobody dictates terms to John calipari about anything. And I think that's why John was half laughing, smiling while saying it, because he knows, and he knows Mark knows. And he knows anybody that knows the relationship between those two, knows that John is going to do this if he's going to do it. Probably on his terms. And that leads me to a point that I haven't seen anybody else make, but it is something that I noticed while watching the video. It's John calipari and Mark few sort of going back and forth talking about the launch of the series. And I couldn't help but notice the way they discussed it. Mark few said specifically that he's going to bring the zags to rup arena. Right. John calry never said specifically that he's bringing the wildcats to the McCarthy athletic center, also known as the kennel. He merely said UK will play in Spokane. Now, if you don't know anything about the history between these two coaches, you probably didn't notice that. But I did, because John calipari and Mark few, they have done home and home series before. And cow has always refused to take his team to the kittle. Now let me run you through some of the history. As you likely know, before John calipari was the coach at Kentucky, he was the coach at Memphis. And after Louisville, marquette Cincinnati and most of the other good programs left conference USA, his tigers were dominating that league, the same way Gonzaga was dominating the west coast conference. And so with that as the backdrop, John Calvin Mark few decided to play each other to test each other. It was a great series. Memphis and zaga ended up playing four times before Cal left for Kentucky. Twice in Memphis, twice in Spokane. But both games in Spokane were played off campus at the downtown Spokane arena, which is not Gonzaga's home arena. Now, obviously, Mark few wanted those games back then at the kennel. But John would not play there. And his logic was hilarious. As I remember, John argued that Memphis shouldn't have to play on Gonzaga's campus because Gonzaga didn't have to play on Memphis campus. Never mind that Memphis does not have an on campus arena. Memphis is home arena is FedEx form in downtown Memphis. Gonzaga's home arena is the kennel. On campus at Gonzaga. Logically, obviously, if consanguine didn't have to play on Memphis campus, logically,

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