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That's that's where that's that's care care care so definitely that is bussing. That's definitely part about I. Ah definitely you know when I need to stress believe has somebody come over and do what they ms but I do that and I take like I said I do take spiritual bath A little Doodoo podcast really delves delves into spiritual baths on the PODCAST. We'll put linking the bottom a little Jew podcast they. She's great in regards to that if you're into today's kind of spiritual who which you can stuff blank this blank base. I'm but you know I've been doing spiritual bass for about ten years now. And you know I'll the go-to like a kroger or go to like farmer's market. I'll go to places that sell fresh flowers and you know give flowers that really resonate me and put him in and get like maybe three gallons of milk and put it in my bathwater with flowers and some candles lit and really just really ground myself and You know use it to cleanse myself spiritually and different herbs the stuff that you put in the water and you know it's just really relaxing fills good is spiritual is the moment that I kinda you know. Just do it any do in regards to my spirit in regards to my body and requires too you know. Just make me feel great then also I love foods. I definitely go my favorite place. If I'm feeling kind of down and I wanNA feel it and you know I You know of course. I'm not doing this all the time but you know when you know. This is one of those times that I really needed distress. I make sure that I go to my favorite place my favorite vittles and and eat down Yes and you know being able to talk about stuff so my the creative side like podcasting and youtube videos and all of that stuff for me is a release zone being stuck in my mind ideas. They do a video about something. I'll come here and talk about it with Y'all and you know these. These are self care tools that I that I've just incorporated am to my activism. And so. That's what I do as well. I love Y'all coming every week and we'd be able to talk about this going on and that releases it out of us breath and I can you know it's not just I'm sitting dwelling Auni accurately put something out there. So I use this as a self-care tool as where so make sure that you have Make sure that you're coming up with a self care regimen for yourself weekly daily life especially when you're about to go to sleep star a routine it doesn't need to be elaborate but star routine like when you're watching your face and putting on worser is as unite creams or you know start a routine for yourself that can really distress yourself putting some You know some kind of Sao. How your feet when you go to bed or something a little bit extra whatever it is for yourself your thoughts? I got that from. Yeah Yeah Okay. So what do you also wintertime. You Know Shafi pedicure you gotTa let me Uh how Ah playing how about me now. Wait until I it's good to see this. Let it is this is skin. I mean you don't put on Lotion fucking how this baby we have. You Seen Them Pitcher in Waco. Yeah but Abbott there darling back in those days. Why wouldn't you do shower? Everybody has as like I kind. Nfl I still about the best so about the best lead inside of you if you wear sandals Tamils allied and you know it's the wintertime so you couldn't put that's and lane and Bassolino your feet and then put socks on where midnight and then when you take them off in the morning your feet really solved I got another tip from my The place where I get my pedicures and stuff from really key BBB. You can definitely. And I think I don't use bachelor lane. I use use something as call bag balm but I do exactly what she blew to know. Looks like this it has some sulfur in it and sulfur smells like my grandmother on my because it's just a night. Ah I don't care about like grady. Something but it's something that farmers use and it's something that mark great grandparents used and so like because they were farmers and work the work the land honey. They needed something. Extra strong for their defeats in the hands of bag balm was created before the farmers so for some reason it works really really. Yeah well it's in like a Green Tea Banh and I do exactly what you said. Do I take it and I And put it on my feet when I got out the shower and then put some socks on and go sleep and the next morning. It's like ooh baby saw feet plus. I'll walk around. I Walk Around Barefoot and so my feet so forgive rusty but I also do pedicures and stuff like that so you so make sure you coming up with a regimented moisture to And so yes take care of your your self. Hey me darling baby.

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