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This is back that. What's back to back? This is Willie. Joy, welcome to the show. This is back to back. This is my podcast. How's everybody doing? How are you? How is your week? I hope everybody out there is doing. Well, it is raining in Los Angeles. People are acting like it isn't apocalypse. I am having a day. I hope you're as a little more fun. This podcast this episode. I think is definitely gonna make it a little more fun. My guest on the show. This week is eliminate one of my favorite up and coming producers right now just making all of my favorite bangers. There's no one else who sounds quite like him. He's got a new record coming out on disciple. Very soon keep your eyes peeled for that watch out for his tour dates the link is going to be in the description of this episode where you can go get everything eliminate. I'm running around today. So I'm going to do the business of the show real quick before we get into this converse. Sation? Make sure you're subscribed. If you haven't subscribed already if you're listening for the first time, go ahead scroll back in the feed. Check out some of the old episodes. I have done a lot of them at this point with a lot of your favorite artists. Some amazing conversations that I just really want. Everybody to hear one of the early ones that comes to mind is talking to Paul Devo. Who's the creative director over at mad decent? I've known Paul for years that was that episode was so fun, man. We sat in this tiny little cramped room in the back of the mad decent office. It was so hot that. We took our search off at a certain point Paul's brain works like nobody else's definitely go. Check out the Paul Devereaux episode. Once you're done here. This new thing I'm doing recommending these older episodes. I think I'm gonna keep doing it. You know, even just reminds me some of the fun times I've had in the past. And I really think it is well worth your time to SCR. Bag a little bit. And just see who else is bouncing around in there. There's some good ones other than that. If you're on Spotify. I wanna make sure that everyone is checking out the back to bangers Spotify playlist, that's the list. I'm updating every single week is kind of a companion piece to this podcast with new music from the guests. I talked to music for myself. You know, stuff that we bring up in these conversations. Maybe you're not familiar with every single reference and just other related music that I think, you know, just fits the context fits the vibe, something I think everyone out there would enjoy it's what I do a DJ. I like to share this kind of stuff people really seem to dig it. The link is in the description of the episode is well for where you can go check that out. And finally as always you can reach out to me anytime of day or night if I'm asleep. I will not wake up. I'll just answer you when I wake up, but the Email is backed.

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