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To the forties overnight at Central Park WCBS news time it's one oh three the attorney for the suspect in the Muncy knife attack says his client may have been hearing voices before the stabbing spree in Rockland county he's not charged with a federal hate crimes let's get more details from WCBS reporter Steve Byrnes attorney Michael Sussman says he asked his client craft in Thomas for an explanation about what happened Saturday in Muncie Sussman says it wasn't terribly coherent he was able to explain his behavior with reference to various auditory hallucinations and one might say demons Sussman is asking to have a mental evaluation of Thomas done as soon as possible from what I understand to this date this is the action of a individual who for a long time his decompensated he's been treated in mental health facilities after sifting through dozens of pages of what he says were rambling writing Sussman says he didn't see anything relating to anti semitism but federal prosecutors apparently did they filed hate crime charges against Thomas authorities say they found hand written journals expressing anti semitic views along with searches on his phone like why did Hitler hate the Jews and German Jewish temples near me in Rockland county Steve Byrnes WCBS newsradio eight eighty members of Rockland county's Jewish community held an event at the JCC in west Nyack yesterday in the wake of the month the attack or Marla diamond has that story the gathering on the last night of the eight day Hanukkah holiday featured prayers for the injured and a call for unity from local elected and religious leaders it was organized by the Jewish federation and foundation of Rockland county which Levin heads the community relations council the whole idea here he is he is to spread hope hope that maybe from something like this some a tragic event like this we can move on and bring the community closer together and work together to make sure that things like this don't happen in the future Levin says one focus needs to be education about the consequences of hate speech especially on social media that can lead others to act the family of the man accused in Saturday's machete attacks says he had no history of anti semitism but was mentally ill Marla diamond WCBS newsradio eight eighty the woman accused of slapping three people in a series of anti semitic attacks in Brooklyn during Hanukkah has been arrested again for another assault and it happened just a day after she was arraigned on the initial charges thirty year old Tiffany Harris was arrested Sunday morning after she allegedly punched a thirty five year old woman who was walking on eastern parkway Brooklyn's prospect heights area the attack was unprovoked because of the recent bias tax in Brooklyn police have increased patrols hoping to keep the streets safe now when it comes to anti semitic violence Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams says the best way to stop the hate is through early education Joe Avelar has that story Kate stems from ignorance and people not knowing each other and not understanding history says Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams Adams recently showed a swastika to a group of young people and many of them didn't know the significance of this white sticker to break the insularity of Brooklyn's many communities Adams with congressman Hakim Jeffries of rabbi ape Friedman announced an initiative to build bridges among the many communities in Brooklyn a series of one hundred dinners each with ten kids from completely different backgrounds but can just a thousand kids have an effect on ending hate and ignorance of the borough of millions we can't continue.

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Central Park Wcbs discussed on Vickie Allen and Levon Putney

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