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Cameron, Grimsley High School, Jason Government discussed on Jared and Katie


All right now we have an in studio contestant what I am is Cameron she's a varsity cheerleader at Grimsley high school and she ranks herself in this game from one to ten and eleven and eleven that confidence and by the way Cameron said he can I just yell out my name cam and I said yeah so if you hear cam that video camera all right the way the game works we have seven songs pop songs evening you know the answers given your name get it right you get a point you get it wrong you do lose a point no help from the audience whoever has the most points at the end is the big winner Jason government are you ready I don't really get very good sleep last night yeah yeah we go I noticed that I got a lot of I'm ready and make as a man we don't know the category he picks the category what is this week's category wonder if you guys can figure out what I was thinking about when I made this one it's all songs with food and I'm angry well I know any solid food I think I can do I think you're correct artist only so we don't need the name of it just artist alright song no help from the audience song pop song number one Jason Goodman warrant one song number two Kim three it's a boy what's your answer it was okay okay I was letting your confidence up so I can write back yeah all right there's some room all right song pop song number three Cameron my gosh oh my god it's Adam Levine and it's what.

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