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It's not just as simple as journalist, it's a guy who worked with the Saudi Royal family. For a long time and we know that he was working on their behalf in the nineteen eighties when he was palling around with some bin Laden by all reports when he was hanging out with Osama bin Laden, he was trying to end the feud between the Saudi Royal family and Osama bin Laden, but he was hanging out with him for a long time. There was a photo that was uncovered. I believe by Haaretz, which shows Jamal Khashoggi holding an RPG a rocket-propelled grenade with terrorists in Afghanistan. In the nineteen eighties, we know that Jamal Khashoggi defended supporters of suicide bombings that he vigorously defended HAMAs the brutal terrorist group in the Middle East. We know that that according to Al Arabiya, he tried to get some bin Laden to be a little less violent, but went Osama bin Laden died Jamal. Khashoggi, apparently cried and talked about how he wept when Osama bin Laden died. Now, he after September eleventh, he turned away from Osama bin Laden. He said, that's no good. Okay, fine. But he, he wept when bin Laden died. So again, a Turkey says that it has the audio recording of Jamal Khashoggi being killed by the Saudis. Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn't. I have very little reason to believe. But in this case, I very little reason to disbelieve Turkey because the Saudis commit heinous crimes all the time. There are now also reports that Saudi Arabia is looking for a replacement for the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. He's the, he's the new guy in town. He's been hailed in the west as a reformer. He actually has instituted certain reforms pretty major reforms in so much as doing a little bit of business with Israel. You know, obviously the kind of headline grabbing ones letting women drive, but he does seem to have an eye toward the future. It would be very, very bad idea for Saudi Arabia to replace this guy right now. I really think it's a bad idea. The arguments against the crown prince of Saudi Arabia or that he's not in favor of democracy in the kingdom. Great. Why on earth would we be in favor of democracy in Saudi Arabia, how his have our experiments in democracy panned out in other repressive Islam countries? Not very well. Why? Why are we supposed to conclude now that a democratic Saudi Arabia would be any more peaceful for the kingdom for the region and for the United States than a democratic Saudi Arabia. I don't really buy that and you know, some of the so-called pro-democracy agitators in Saudi Arabia have pretty radical Islamist ties even more radical than the Saudi Royal family. Okay. What else? The other thing is be dinged for is that he's developed a pretty good relationship with Donald Trump. Again, this is nothing new. This Saudi Royal family has had a relationship with the US for a long time, but because everyone hates Trump on the left, they're trying to ding him for that as well. I highly recommend you read a piece today co written by Michael Duran, Michael arenas, an excellent foreign policy analyst. It's in the New York Post. I think presents a fair take on who Khashoggi is who Mohammed bin Salman is and what the relationship is between those families. You know, to call him a dissident journalist who fled to America that that presents one picture, but it's not like he fled to America ten or fifteen or twenty years ago. It's not like he fled to America after he was palling around with bin Laden. And he suddenly had an awakening. He fled to America after the political tides turned in Saudi Arabia, and there's a new crown prince in town. Okay. Here are some other things by the way that Jamaica shaggy wrote about the painted. Different victory said, quote, Saudi Arabia now believes its interests lie in facing Islam, assists who were supposed to be. It's a Stoorikhel allies. I often hear Saudi Arabian intellectuals on television attacking political Islam. And my answer to them is that Saudi Arabia is the mother and father of political Islam. So you've got this guy Khashoggi who was killed. Extolling the virtues of Islamism of political Islam. The vicious ideology that we've been fighting now explicitly for fifteen years, and yet the left in America is expecting us to render garments in Nash our teeth because defender of political Islam has been killed by his government. I'm not saying that I'm happy about the killing..

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