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NMLS number thirty thirty KCBS news time eleven forty two. Fresno lawmaker is taking a leave of absence from the state assembly after being charged with child. Cruelty assemblyman, Joaquin Aram Bula said that the allegation that he may have harmed. His own seven year old daughter is quote, false and unthinkable. He was arrested in December. After officials at daily elementary charter school learned of an injury on his daughter and reported it to child protective services and the. Release. The Fresno county DA said that a Romulo has been charged with inflicting unjustified, physical pain or mental suffering on a child. An investigation is underway. The federal government orders another recall over defective airbags KCBS. John Bristow reports the action involves more than one million Hondas and Acura sold in the US and Canada and up to seventy million of these cars whose models go back to the early two thousands could wind up being recalled around the world because of best we still in California have almost two million unrepaired defective Takata airbags hy-vee king deputy administrator with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells KCBS local Honda and Acura dealerships will do the fix for free. Call I want everybody even folks who have not had their vehicle check before to check and see whether or not they have a defective airbag. But the news today is if they've already had their car fixed, they still each and every one of us should still check and make sure we check again because the replacement cart. Could be dangerous. You could call this a re recall because the cars involved had previously been recalled to have their air bags replaced. The problem with these air bags is that they use a chemical that can cause a metal canister in the airbag system. To explode showering the driver with shrapnel. The agency's website lists the specific models involved. John Bristow.

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