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It's jordan jesse go i'm jesse thorn america's radio sweden moore's book detective elliot ceylan along for the ride and i don't know where it's going but i love it you know where it's going buddy you got mixed flynn drive on your show oh yeah that's true and next fund drive is i think maybe the most exciting time of the year easily yeah it's definitely the one where well it wasn't no it's a lot of exciting time graspis go fuck yourself i'm coming i'm coming off a real high from passover i depends on was pretty good janice no tournament in the women's nc double a tournament of you grech in up here oh my goodness this horse meals kogas wfan show that just turned yeah on pardo who who i think has been dead for years biker the mad dog hard to say really some some days mike sunday's easily mad the max run drive if you haven't heard on this or any other maximum show is the one two week period year actually even a little bit less than two weeks in the air when we come to you had in hand and say if you love this show you'll have other shows in the max fun network will you please pay for it it's easy to do there's lots of cool prizes all you have to do is go to maximum fun dot org slash donate can i tell a personal story about the about complex alliot.

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