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They brought down trees and power lines because the wall to crumble on the cars and east Farmingdale we're very thankful that nobody was in the vehicle and then you know luckily nobody got hurt and everyone was accounted for most fine and and you know just cars it's materialistic you know it's gonna get fixed those winds as strong as sixty miles an hour what really happened to Jeffrey at stay in an investigation into his death is now ramping up grand jury subpoenas have reportedly gone out to almost two dozen MCC correctional workers including lieutenant in charge on the night of Jeffrey Epstein suicide CNN reports investigators hope to recreate what happened and figure out how high profile it made in a top security unit inside the federal jail wound up alone in a two man cell alley stacked in rows sini W. well worn news the fallout continues after the NYPD fired officer Daniel Pantaleo doc twenty vacation days from sergeant Kizzy Adonis sergeants union president ed Mullen says police commissioner James o'neill needs to go fact of the matter is the members of the NYPD do not respect you they have no faith in your leadership nudity trust you I am why PD took the disciplinary action in connection with the death of Eric garner more coming up in the big three woodland Berman and Michael real mold to be on the air here shortly missing chef from a famous midtown restaurant has now turned up the thirty three year old Andreas Samper only last worked to shift the chip Brianti dolci on Saturday the fame to Grand Central Terminal eatery where he served as head chef authorities finally found him at a hotel in Elmhurst queens a seventy seven street location that authorities say is a known drug in Prague shin spot his death is being called suspicious pending an autopsy I'm James foreman W. O. R. news president trump leaving for France tonight and the G. seven summit it'll be as first in person meeting with Boris Johnson since he became the new British prime minister from another world leaders will talk about a number of issues including Iran and brexit the news is brought to you by doctor Lee ms radiosurgery new your call two one two choices for more.

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