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They can go to science museums history museums. But there really anything like planet word and so many teachers were just ecstatic. Now we'll have a chance to go to a museum where language and words and reading in books come to life so they're very excited about that but chancer your question where all ready partnering with a couple of different literacy organizations in the metro dc area. Because i want to get books into the hands of children and so we're we're doing some book distribution partnerships and once. Covid is over or less of a threat. We have all sorts of proposals ideas about how to work with the community and enhance literacy. I'm also working with the group. That's really the park. That's directly opposite planet word and making sure that they incorporate some words and language into the park plans especially the children's playground which is directly opposite. Planet word oh that's a great idea. How did you come up with the name. Well i had about fifty names. That i played with and i would check. Is that name taken you know. Is there something already called the in such. And then i had focus groups and so i tried out my top two choices for names on them and they did not go over very well. I won't even tell you what they so. My next choice was planet word and the reason being because we say that language is what makes us human. and here's our planet. The planet we know about with people on it so planet word and the reaction of the kids who were in one of the focus groups was so excited. Yes of course you know. Words are universal. They're everywhere and so that's how we're came to be that the name of the museum. I love that and that's your target audience anyway right yet. Our target audience is ten to twelve year olds and so what we did focus groups. We had a focus group of ten to twelve year old boys. Ten to twelve year. Old girls. I was advised that they should be separated so the girls wouldn't be intimidated from speaking up. And then we had two groups were their parents of ten to twelve year olds and a so. We had four focus groups altogether. Oh i love that you know. It's interesting when i was coming to mind decide. I'm sure you know doctrines sto fan. I interviewed she's the head of aaron space and she's the first woman to have that museum and she's an amazing story. She raised children herself and she has told me that. Ten to twelve year olds were their primary audience to that. They're the one the main wants to come to l. the space museums. And so they they do the same thing in the sense of the design their exhibits with that as the anchor. And then obviously you want to appeal to adults etc. And of course they're going through a massive renovation. I i really call it a transformation. It's way beyond renovation at this point but other museum. Ceo's i've talked to was well the science museum in minnesota cetera. While you guys are from minnesota so that rings a bell but they target eight to ten to twelve year olds too..

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