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To speak and then i came in and i did this experiment with an had those significant results for the sake of this film this was the only experiment that we dead but because we had such a strong correlation exactly at the time um of this in vocation uh the scientists dr glenn ryan he was also blown away was like wow and what happens is uh i don't know if you you know but in a scientific experiment you would uh do twenty minutes on twenty minutes off twenty minutes on twenty minutes meaning the eu correlate when you are invoking this energy on what happens and then when you're not what happens over and over and over and over and over and then you see if there is a uh a real correlation or not so that's how we did it um and we did find this strong correlation and that's why i was very exciting so foot this film we only did that this way but because the results were so significant we decided to to um to design a whole set of experiments building on this one so for example next time i'm gonna do the same thing but then we're gonna ask you to do the exact same thing do we get the exact same result if we do that could we ask a third person in the fourth person to do it exactly in the same way if we do to get the same result this means the this particular frequency that kept popping up is equivalent to this uh to this entity it's not make sense and if it's not you know what i mean then this gives us different result so so in this first film i think we you it's a huge first step to show that there is a correlation and.

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