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Lotta felt like a healthcare when he's tweeting a guy from la has i l things like that so he knows some once more about the tax code health care for everybody is complicate the tax code is as well but we know our area we know use we know what affects our family or business or on we really know it well in so from that standpoint his his he's been extremely valuable gonna go to a question from one of our colleagues column wilhelm who i think is in the audience on no i don't seem at the moment but now in the basque youths have seen him in the hallway but billion timezone figure one on it late at night after yep yeah yeah so we've stain great question so how do you reconcile house and senate again what's been incredibly helpful is that have that framework we agreed to i think the senate will take some different uh pass the hit that target of the framework which i think is healthy the the goal is to reconcile this at the am in their challenge of course has to move that through the senate since so i actually believe having slightly different or may be substantially different designs to hit that target that's that's all part of the process i also am hopeful as we market up in committee neck this week as we see whether aries we can approve we throwing a lot of new stuff on the international saive on the small business pass through side on introspective now we're we're going a significantly different concepts here we expect to be incorporating those improvements some fine tuning in we're helped they'll be part of the process so there there's been some was one of the things we've heard from the we've all heard from the outside groups is that there is a back door bat a border adjustment bility tax that's going to happen consumers across the country in this bill but why are they saying that my back is still sore from the discussion over border adjust nothing coming in any direction there so i think i think that's a silly notion but what are they tell us with what is in the bill so when we move because we after when we.

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