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Seven minutes after the hour time for the KFI. Download with Craig Martin a frantic nine one one call from a nurse at hacienda healthcare is giving us a glimpse into the confusion surrounding the surprise birth audio from the tape reveals the baby wasn't distress at the time of the call. Breathing. Maybe he's not reading blue. Okay. So are they doing CPR? How are they doing? John the baby. A few minutes later. They said the baby was breathing. Phoenix police were called to hacienda healthcare on December twenty ninth where they found an incapacitated woman who had just delivered the baby both women and the baby were taken to the hospital where they are recovering. Police are investigating the incident as a sexual assault and police are crediting missing Wisconsin team for the big break they needed to reunite her with her family thirteen year old Jamie class was able to free herself and escape her captor after being missing since October. The teen was found way a woman walking her dog who then brought her to the home of Peter and Kristen Kosinski. She said when he would have people over, you know, friends, whatever that he would hide her. So they didn't know she was there. The suspect in the kidnapping of the teenager. And the number murderer of appearance will be charged with two counts of homicide and one count of kidnapping the democratic field for president has already getting crowded. Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is preparing to run for president. The democrat told CNN a formal announcement is coming probably in the next week. The Iraq war veteran said she wants to help Americans gain access to healthcare and reform. The criminal Justice system and car lovers are coming out for Arizona car week. And it all starts tomorrow with the Barrett. Jackson auction preview events will begin tomorrow.

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