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All the disney's m daffy duck not tafea chuck donald duck all right uh tom that's all the taco talk we have time for this week so valero more to say toggle is a great that was that was should we shake on it tom we fight a lot of you we call each other idiots numb you color railed moron for morons right creeps perverts sick s people thumbs will you rpf heirs can you prefer voyager right yeah well it sounds some eight cents french it sounds very ah erotic but one thing we can agree an no matter how you there's no wrong way to to make or eat attack there really isn't and that's what makes them uh one of god's must beautiful foods so it next time you're having a function or event consider a taco bar yeah instead of whatever garbage food he wanted to have uh from the show jeff rosenstock had a taco bard is wedding and it was fantastic host of the show tim had won at is wedding and david takapaw hell yeah town i guess i was bloated by the house alluded to an ordinary they went i remember eating i want you know i don't think i realize he was a i think i missed the taco shells into it like a trough and i just loaded what you're facing in the internet no no no raise i still put it on but pleat but i had assault like oh this is nice there's no pretense this food it's just like no you could intervene made in a shell yeah i dunno the way i will met you didn't now it's price for the best that i didn't perrine the shuttle well i stole that idea from jeff um in retaliation he stole all his songs for me i wrote out rong slow you got him back by not inviting him to your wedding yep.

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