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And I agree with you that that saints got caught a little flat foot in that one surprise me because it felt like like you said, Sean McVay and fossil. They call one of these seemingly every game. And it felt like that was the ones that they had to get a spark. They did it and by the way credit, Johnny Hecker. The throw was perfect Sam shields made a nice. Move to get into the extra yards to get that first down. It was the perfect call in the perfect spot. But you could almost feel it coming because they had nothing going on. Yeah. In a perfect play perfect spot. And the fact that the defense coordinator, I mean, I'm sorry special teams coordinator trust Sam shields in that situation because he's a defensive back defensive backs. Typically can't kick in a pun or throwing it in a pundit throwing. So you got a planet. Throw it to a defense back on a wide receiver play. They held it at work out for worked got sound. And if you look at a lot of games, not a lot of games. But if you look at the two games a lot of things work a lot of things worked in a lot of people's favourite even New England Patriots. If you watch that game from yesterday a lot worked in their favor. But I knew Tommy you ain't gonna be Tommy boy Tommy Wayne having that even though I felt I picked the Kansas City Chiefs to win the game. Tommy, boy, you got you can't go against that alert my lesson. But the good thing about is. I bet any real money. Yeah. No. It was I had the patriots. But that's another story for another day. They got off to that hot when they were head fourteen and nothing, and they looked like they were just rolling. And they by the way, Tom Brady throwing a pick in the end zone. It just it felt like that game was dominating that the patriots were completely in control. And then all of a sudden Patrick Mahomes, morphed back into the MVP candidate all over again. He was selling it in that fourth quarter key. I mean, the twenty four points in the fourth quarter just a remarkable remarkable performance by him. But it's just Tom Brady's the best that's ever done it. And you knew if they got the ball. I in overtime. You knew they were going to go down and get a touchdown. No. I knew it because they were already the momentum tying it up into. I just I I couldn't you know, it was one of those deals where every single time. It was interesting, but we had a referee problem in that game. You have where? The defense alignment struck Tom Brady and showed a pad and got a reference or call. It was crazy. Yes. Struck is a strong word. Early. Touched them, you're raised breathed on. I mean, it's it's look this is I guess we see in the NBA all time star players get calls, and I guess Tom Brady gets the Michael Jordan LeBron treatment that if you even look at them you draw penalty. Yeah. Patrick Mahomes got hit. Nobody said anything. So he's only in the second year in the second year. And and you're right about that. I take me back to my playing days. I like to always reminisce I was playing against the Cincinnati Bengals. And it was third in twenty five in a referee. Stay ran down the field at about thirty yards. And I show guided to turned around. It's nice to be. Eight year in the league, right? Like, yeah. You're good with us key. Yeah. No, you stripes. You had your stripes in the league they were gonna let you get away with something like that. That was called was a weird one. And then of course, you had the Tom Brady on a tip pass. It was an interception and felt like that was going to be the game because the chiefs we're going to sit on it in default, lined up off sides just for the life of me key..

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