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It's fall two thousand. Seven kim kardashian is wearing a fluffy. White terry cloth robe long strands of pearls hanging from her neck. The rogue is luxurious and comfy berate. Her skin is crawling underneath. The soft snugly material. It's the only thing standing between the crew setting up this photo. Shoot and her naked body as she looks out at the photographer. In the lighting crew. Kim is rethinking decision to pose for playboy her gut reaction when they called and offered her the december cover was to say no absolutely not no way and now all these people onset are about to see her on natural. Kim's heart starts to be out of her chest she holds the sash of her robes so tightly that her knuckles turn white. She wants to be famous more than anything else in the world but right now her only claim to fame as a sex tape. Kim worries that if she poses nude it's all show ever be known for. She shoots a look at her. Mom kris jenner. Who's talking to the photographer. Wait her mom's there would yours not be god. She's the one who talked him into. This kris knows this shoot could catapult kim's career and boost their upcoming show keeping up with the kardashians in two thousand and seven being on the cover of playboy generates a lot of media buzz plus. It's a huge accomplishment. Kim is joining. the ranks of. Donna drew barrymore and charlies just to name a few. But kim is still young and she's insecure about her body. It doesn't help that. She's grown up in los angeles surrounded by it girls who look nothing like her like her. Bff paris hilton. Yeah exactly like that. And that's not kim. She's five foot two and curvy. Kim is basically a pint size version of feeler end. She says that at eleven she would go to bed and pray please. Lord don't let my boobs grow any bigger okay. I have that exact. Same prayer. When i was eleven. I have that same prayer now in my thirties. And now here. She is about to drop her robe and show the world everything. She spent her whole life feeling so insecure about but before. Kim can get over her nerves. The photographer says it's go time as kim stands there paralyzed. Chris gives her thumbs up and mouths. You look great. It's exactly what kim needs to here with her. Mom's reassurance kim. Let's the sash fall the robe drops to the floor. She grips the pearls dripping over her naked body. About a dozen strands are strategically placed to cover all the parts that are still off limits. Kim arches her back and pouts letting it all go her nerves. Her fears her body issues. She hopes she's making the right decision because as nervous as she is. Kim knows this photo. Shoot is the first step in her journey or rail fame and she's not going to be the reason or dreams. Don't come true. This episode is brought to you by carmax. America's number one used car retailer at carmax. The best way to buy a car is your way shop on your schedule and choose from over. 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They go with a different photo of kim kneeling and sexy red lingerie that looks of like a bathing suit. It's cut super low. And she wears matching red high heels. She looks gorgeous. Just like a pinup model but just like she feared the cover. Also kind of pigeonholes. Kim right next to her picture are the words. Hollywood's new sex star. Kim kardashian takes it all off but still her. Name's on every newsstand. And kim is ready to put in the work to make sure everyone knows. She's more than just a sex star she's going to prove to the world that she's a bona fide celebrity and right now she has an even bigger platform at our disposal but to make the most of it. She'll have to go from her body for playboy to bearing her whole life for the world around the time. Playboy hits the shelves keeping up with the kardashians debuts kim and her family invite the public inside their calabasas home the family's big and loud and dysfunctional away. That's easy to relate to and at the heart of it all are the three oldest sisters and their mom every woman can see themselves in at least one of them. There's courtney the blase oldest sister then. Kim the diva khloe the funny one and we can't forget chris. The ambition but loving momager. I'm always trying to channel my inner khloe. yeah same. i'm a mix between kim and chloe short curvy but great personality. I can see you agree. Yeah totally that's definitely me agreeing to that. Yup but sadly the critics relate like we do in fact they tear the show apart. A variety review says once you get past kim's prominently displayed assets. There's not much of a show here and no discernible premise. But you know who does love it. Women eighteen to thirty four and nearly everyone else thirteen million tune in to watch the show in the first month. It's huge to put it in perspective. The simple life is only getting like one million viewers on the same network so needless to say with ratings like these e immediately picks up the kardashians for a second season and with all these eyeballs watching. It's kim's chance to clear the air. She sees the opportunity to show the world. There's more to her than a sex tape and a playboy cover. She's more than just a stereotype. More than just a hollywood rich kid here. She is in an interview with. Cw eleven talking about the show. And what's in store can me and my family are so different than that you know. They think we shop all day and party at night. And you know we definitely have a good time. But i run my two clothing stores. You know smooching dash in los angeles and we are so busy every single day working and running our businesses and picking my little sisters from school and we want people to see what we're really like good for him setting the record straight yeah. She's now kim kardashian. Business owner sister and star of a hit show and it's exactly what can was hoping to achieve her driving. Ambition are starting to pay off. And let's just say her sisters aren't complaining either because they're reaping the benefits.

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