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And it was that i was like oh my god it's there and and the girl says people come in and they just are in awe and they look around and say wow i can't believe that this is still here and they love it i mean it was just a really funny bit where people are going to the blockbuster over there and just like not not blockbusters haven't been close for that long here i mean i remember the one at irving and kimball or is it montross and kimball montross and kimball it was montross and kimball i think that was around it's because we're living in albany park and this was like two thousand eight two thousand nine two thousand ten it was still around and there are still video stores i believe that are functioning we talked about that with jeff with when when talking was on a couple of people texted and remember dante they texted him they called and they were like hey there's one here that's still operating one here that's still operating but yeah the one on montross and kimball was still around for for quite a while i think it was one of the last ones in the city to close so anyway blockbuster is a term from the forties how about this one keeping up with the joneses then he's competing to have a lifestyle or a socioeconomic status comparable to your neighbors the joneses so.

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