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In the atlantic on an island that straddles the new world end the old with its own style and character allen doyle grew up on newfoundland the only place he's ever called home he joins us from the cbc studios in the provincial capital of saint john allen what should we know about newfoundland that makes it feel like a really special part of canada newfoundland isn't on a province of canada very recently a country of its own a republic of the of great britain but it's the island in the middle of the atlantic ocean basically just south of greenland if you know if you're confused always still be kicking around it became find as it's where the titanic sank that's right okay when people know that and until nineteen fortynine you're actually an independent country and then voted in a very close election to join canada correct so newfoundland i would imagine has a relatively small population how many people are on the island and understand the capital saint john's is is really the only urban center the popular of the island of newfoundland would be right around four hundred seventy four hundred and eighty thousand i would say that about half of that population lives within twenty minutes or a half hour of the capital city of saint johns and saint john's is a tight little harbour town the entrance to the harbour here is actually called the narrows but surprisingly big ships can fit through it as they have for centuries now that you know saint john's has been a you know a safe haven for ships crossing the ocean for hundreds and hundreds of years and then of course the city crawls up the hills i'm few sides from the harbor and so it's very older kind of european looking city that you'd kind of see more of in the southeast of arlanda or england small british irish kind of looking city in your book you talk about how i rish people consider newfoundlanders and a lot of cases just swimming irishman a lot of irish fishermen came all the way over there for the cod and ended up staying and to this day you've got lot of irish in your culture you write in your book about your hometown port town called petty harbour describe what why you choose to live in pity harborne and why it would be interesting to visit if we are traveling around newfoundland beautiful little sort of perfectly picture postcard typical newfoundland out port town little harbour town surrounded on three sides by steep hills.

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