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In Sudan has risen sharply. A doctor's group there now says more than thirty people were killed, and hundreds wounded when the military fired on a sit in outside the defense ministry pro democracy. Protesters want a new government into Dan. They have been negotiating with the military. In a televised statement, the military said now all agreements are off an elections will happen within nine months. Joining us now is Al bog air, she's senior international correspondent with CNN. She was in Sudan, not long ago and she joins us now from London. Thanks so much for being with us this morning morning. Right, Sean, I understand you're in touch with people in Khartoum. What are you hearing? Now that this violence has happened. My parents are she's still in Khantun. We're lucky that they are among the few. He's mobile phones still work that's been a widespread outage. A just sounds incredibly scary that the season state of paralysis activist groups of cold for general. Strike, and people seem to be sticking to it roads, a closed off in what makes us particularly terrifying is, it's not even really the armed forces that people are clashing with. It's a specific parliamentary segment with was regularized as positive the food is that used to be an out of control Malaysia, in die for the ginger Wedeman issues, the rapid support forces. And, and that's what's scaring people. Is that this isn't even a regular fools, that's taken control of the town? This means the military's fracturing. I mean, we should say all this happened after protesters demanded the ouster of President Omar Al Beshir. The military is now in charge of Sudan. But what you're describing is that there is no cohesive military, either absolutely the military as a token is in charge, the head of the military council is a general, but the, the second income on head of these forces the rapid support forces everyone I've spoken to on the ground says those are the people that are on the streets all the videos that we've been sent by I witnesses from the citizens show that was rob. Support for God's that charge the sin, and it's incredibly chilling because this is a militia that was accused of war crimes that Ford into have them control the ground in the couple of Sudan is very scary for people right now. We know if the protest camp has now completely dispersed are people still there. People are still that on, and people are still very defiant. I think that's really the only way you can use so people who spent the last month fostering during Ramadan in extremes of heat. And they now say that we will not step down. We will not stand back until this military council has been deposed. Well, now the military is saying, we're gonna stall, these negotiations any agreement that we had settled is off. But we're going to hold elections within nine months is not good news for the protesters. It is that take it is good news. But the is it's not because the only infrastructure that remains intact is the infrastructure of the full Malaysia. In the former ruling policy. It's, it's difficult to see how in a situation where people fearing for their lives, you can put together a cohesive electoral campaign, even though the council says that they will allow observers in this is a miniature council that is blocking journalists that has suspended. I'll Jazirah that has suspended other journalists from doing their work. So it's there's a load of disbelief that they will allow observers to carry out that, that job. Meanwhile, they will just continue to, to sit in to protest to, to demand democratic reforms, even if they are unlikely. To resist. That's hearing that so much blood has been spilled. So many lives have been lost to turn back now is unthinkable, too. Many of those people were speaking to on the ground. Wrightson CNN's, Numa elbow gear. She is senior international. Correspondent with CNN covering, Sudan. She joined us from London on Skype. Thank you so much. Thank you. In this country. We do not know the motive of civil engineer opened fire at his workplace in Virginia Beach. We do know that, that mass shooting adds to the record of widespread workplace violence from our member station. W AMU Alana wise reports. Friday's shooting rampage at Virginia Beach city. Government building marked, one of the worst workplace killings of the last decade. Kathleen bonds it is an attorney and former HR executive who founded the nonprofit workplace violence prevention institute. She warns that at least two million Americans experience violence at work, according to the occupational safety and health administration or OSHA and as a l'armee, a statistic that is, what is even more alarming is that OSHA goes on to tell us that Betty more cases go unreported, so we don't even have a good statistic as to how many Americans are victimized by workplace violence in two thousand sixteen. There were five hundred workplace homicides. They accounted for ten percent of all fatal occupational injuries that year according to data from the bureau of labor statistics in the vast majority of them were committed with a firearm. Unlike the traditional form of workplace violence wearing is, let's say economic based, its financial in nature when it's a case of a co worker, who was lashing out on. On another co worker the amount of hostility. That's involved is very similar to almost domestic violence. The motives of the Virginia Beach shooter, have not yet been identified the nine year employees launched the deadly attack just hours after submitting his resignation, but Johnny Taylor president and CEO of the society for human resource management says that incidents like these are often preceded by reversals in a person's personal and professional lives. It's typically not one thing so professional versus personal. It's typically when there's a confluence of both. So I'm having a hard time at home, and then I have a hard time with my boss those to explode. That's when you see that occur. And then the person essentially says this is my way out. You know, the we like to think that it doesn't happen. A lot, one in seven employees say they don't feel safe at work in Virginia Beach that feeling of unease was being expressed less than a mile away from where the shooting occurred. Don Lee business manager at courthouse community United Methodist Church said that while the church and others in the area had been preparing themselves for the potential violence Friday's massacre gave new urgency to increasing building security to deal with threats from within oftentimes. It's you know, it's somebody, you know, somebody in your church enforce Friday, it was somebody. They knew so you know, you can't just say it somebody barging into your facility. It could be it could be somebody inside lease at the church is in the process of putting together a security plan that goes beyond locked doors for NPR news. I'm Alana wise. A lot of story comes to us from guns and America, which is a public media reporting project on the role of guns in American life. Later today on all things considered veterans will soon have more choices outside the VA medical system. We questioned the head of the VA listened by telling your smart speaker, to play NPR or your member station by..

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