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And cold and flu season soon. Upon us big peak or is Columbus poised to kind of dodge the flu bullets will get you information. That's coming up here at six forty three on NewsRadio six ten WT VM. So I I think it's interesting, you know, all the posturing after midterms. I mean, there's still some votes that have to be retaliated and really figure out who the winners are and all that stuff. But when you talk about, you know, national names among the big names from the decided the ball Nancy Pelosi. Saw no yesterday band of house. Democrats determined to oppose house minority leader Nancy Pelosi speaker bid planning to release a signed letter as soon as this week indicating they've gathered enough support to deny for the two hundred eighteen votes needed to win the gavel on the house floor in January. It's a move. They say would complicate her path to a second term as speaker and force renewed discussion about her stepping aside. So that's interesting. You know, there could be a change in that might open things up for twenty twenty not the same old same old. But then you see Hillary Clinton. She was at the university of Texas Austin on campus yesterday to receive an award from the LBJ school of public affairs. She will return to the Texas school social studies curriculum along with Helen Keller. Yeah. Apparently, they were teaching anything about the two women. But now they're back. The two women had been cut by the state board of education. So they're kinda opening that backup which that seems fascinating to me. On a lot of levels. I also know that our governor John casick. See if I can pull that note up real quick he was moving around the forget where he was. Oh, he's he's not there yet. He's announced a trip to New Hampshire. He says he wants to meet with old and new supporters and Colorado governor John Hickenlooper speaks in Chicago today, his plans on the future and building bipartisan bridges, so you know, again, it's just all that posturing after the midterms, and we'll kind of see how it's going and is as far as the people that did get elected that are there. They're still going through orientation and they get their class photo today. So that'll be a big deal. I don't know, you know, if you've got to have a certain tire, your hair right way, or or how all that rolls. But there's plenty going on there for sure, of course, got to hear more and more through the day. The the the murders down south you remember it's been two and a half years since we knew what was going on the road and family pike county. But today we have arrests announced George Billy Wagner Angela wig. George Wagner, the fourth and Edward Jake Wagner all accused of killing seven members of the rodent family. Mike dewine said the people investigated that lived that's his that's his phrase. They lived it. And I don't know that you're ever pleased to bring something like that to the four. But there is the start of closure on the case. And that is the latest again, we'll have more as we roll through the day. Six forty right now. Let's update traffic.

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