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Under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness and was easily confirmed to that post by the senate last year quil lawrence npr news a decision by the trump administration to limit services related to abortion is expected to spark lawsuits and echo of reagan era policies the department of health and human services proposes to ban federally funded family planning clinics from discussing abortion providing reversals or sharing space with abortion providers medical groups and abortion rights advocates call it a gag rule antiabortion groups welcomed the decision a boeing seven thirtyseven lease by cuba's state airline coup bonna crashed on takeoff today a hundred five people reportedly were on board the domestic flight the crash occurred at havana's jose marti airport state media reports three people survived the crash but their condition is unknown wall street at the close the dow was up one point the nasdaq off twenty eight this is npr a major development in an international incident that captured global attention and the uk former russian spies sergei's group all has been discharged from the hospital along with his daughter and one other person he was made severely ill by exposure to a nerve agent from london alice fordham has details scruple his daughter year and a police officer were all admitted to a hospital in the city of souls spree after they were exposed to a nerve agent we'll have now been discharged the head of nothing in the hospital set that the treating of the patients had been a huge and unprecedented challenge that recovery is still ongoing the british government blames russia for the poisoning the incident spoke a global backlash against russia with many countries including the us expanding russian diplomats for npr news i'm alice food in london in windsor england ahead of tomorrow's prince harry meghan markle wedding.

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