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It's just building. It's building. Are there any new faces? We should look out for. I saw is Lisa Leslie, she's a coach at least Leslie new coach. We made Archibald coach Reggie Theus, but far as players, you know, there's Jason Terry. You know he he's balling out. You know, we got a Gilbert arenas. We got Lamar Oldham man. You know it's just star studied Joe. Johnson man, Josh Smith. Those are two new faces plus town. Yeah mari. Jason Richardson nee Robinson, plus those guys. So, you know, we still, you know, build in the league, we still need support from, you know, the sports media. We need we need that support because this is American. Sport three on three basketball Merican grown sport. And, you know, we just need support. One other one of the question I hate to, I still believe Carmelo Anthony has NBA time left. I know Carmelo believes it. But if that doesn't come around for him, you guys would welcome in mellow with open arms and not just him Tony Parker. You not mean whenever dark, dark. You know, we want oughta guys this still wanna ball. You know, we believe some of the guys we gotta go make it back into the NBA. 'cause we lowered the we lowered age thirty to twenty seven twenty seven so guys are in prime when it comes to basketball, and so, you know, we're hoping guys make it back. So, you know, guys like KOMO Carmelo if he want to come out there and do his thing for the summer never know watching man. You never know. He might might get back as we so appreciate you being here. Everything. Ways core. Pool is not a bus ways core. Pool is not a taxi ways core pool is not the metro in DC writers ways core..

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