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We are very pleased to have one of the finest broadcasters in all of baseball he's the voice of the new york yankees we're talking about john sterling john it's james the greek and david arsma how are you sir uh well i'm fine everything is good thank you i'm getting everything accomplished but i can't get accomplished during the year so i'm i'm doing a lot of business doing very well yeah we're talking about that earlier my wife is having me run around and it's it's drive me nuts well as one thing you know i'm divorce so i'm single and um you you find you have to do everything for yourself so anyway now i'm getting things done biggest the years is over it was a great run and um i think the keys you know make their fans very happy and probably creative some new pence as well so good dear john before we get into the 80s i'm curious what does one of the greatest voices in baseball do in his downtime what are you doing the offseason for fun well i have four children who is now all teenagers so i go a lot of their games and um and dinners at cetera and uh i have a host of friends for whom i have dinner i i swim every day and i'm a leader for a good life berg i'm very happy with it i live in new jersey and um i live in a a great areas so i'm very lucky.

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