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On ESPN radio and the ESPN app. All this is made even more amazing by the fact that. As James harden goes through this, and there's so much talk. I heard Paul Pierce, and our great NBA team talking about what do you what do you do to address this because the tear he's been on? Obviously he has been the sole focus of every other teams game plan. Do you go out and double team for a guy who's shown us in the last few seasons? James harden playing that point guard spot and Mike dantonio often has shown us he can be as capable of distributors. There is in the NBA. He's really built as the perfect point guard for this might Dan Tony system. That's why so many people were hesitant about the impact that the Chris Paul signing could have shame on us for not realizing that they were going to be able to morph in absorb that just fine. But for James harden in that role, you go out you try and double team him as soon as he gets over half court, and he's going to deliver to other guys in spots and allow them to win this point you've got to do anything. But James harden, though, like that is the only rule much like we were. Frustrated at the end of the AFC championship game. Watching Tom Brady, go back and forth between Julia and rob gronkowski the two most obvious answers for who is Tom Brady going to go to in crunch time of this game. Like, you gotta make somebody else beats you. And at this point easier said than done with James harden because what do you do when a prolific scorer now? Oddly enough, James harden has this great. And he is still probably at best fourth on the list of guys that you would take to start a team with to build around on offense in this league behind LeBron curry and Kevin Durant. Like, you taking James harden before any of those guys, I'm not sure I don't think so. And yet in all of that he is probably the most difficult to guard in the modern MBA because of the way we protect three point shooters because of the way and we heard a lot of these complaints early in the season defense. Is now officiated in the NBA changes made this season to how they do that all of these things, and we know what the common refrain is going to be for James harden is what happens when it comes playoff time. Is there gas left in the tank for this guy that remains to be seen? I think the timing of the injuries. And if you get Clinton cappella back down the stretch of the season and Chris Paul comes back, and you're able to in that lead up to the NBA playoffs. Take some of this load off him allow it to not have to be James harden going for sixty just see you have a chance to beat the Knicks. Then it might be something that we're able to talk about gains momentum back from last season. Now momentum lost unfortunately for the Indiana Pacers. Really sad news last night for Victor, Ola depot. Pacers star player last night. They believe suffered a pretty catastrophic knee injury. Here was Nate McMillan their coach after the game. They x Ray. But we're gonna do MRI tomorrow. We'll have more information tomorrow. And we will basically talk with everyone about what they find out believed to be serious. I mean, do you have a general feel for think? So you know, I think it is a serious injury. But we're not going to really make comments on it until we get that MRI tomorrow and find out for sure. One of those injuries where as soon as it happened. I jumped on Twitter, and the first thing you see is don't look like when you hear some of the things about this injury that we're being said if you didn't see it the first time around don't recommend seeing it now Victor depot on the way out on the stretcher, you know, imploring acknowledging the Indiana fans trying to still draw energy from the crowd. But a crushing blow not only to him who's going to have to spend plenty of time rehabbing this going forward, but for this team that was sitting I believe at third place in the Eastern Conference at this point was has been clamoring rightly so for its due respect especially coming off what we saw from them in last year's MBA postseason suffers a major setback now heading into the rest of the NBA season..

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