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He's doing all of this skip any schedule make a little less than eight million dollars if i cut odell a check for fifty million dollars then what if i can't control you if i can't get you to behave as my grandma to say gee and haw that's what these feeling giddy up gee haw get him to go stop if i can't get you to do what i want you to do skip when you're making three five eight million if i give you fifty million dollars at the signing a contract for seventy plus million guaranteed high in the hale and they're gonna get old l beckham to do what they want him to do o'neill beckham look i got no i understand you want your money but you have to see and if player sometimes we get all we look at it is from our point of view but to understand look at what they're looking at how do they trust you i fought the giants for this they could this in the bud longtime ago when he was a rookie oh just didn't get like this this has been his behavior all the while tom coughlin when he got into that altercation with josh norman when he really loved his cool they ash ask tom coughlin about it tom coughlin says i'm trying to win a game in other words what tom was saying i will i'm willing to excuse any behavior the one of the most disciplined nfl coaches to ever walk the sidelines says i'm willing to excuse his behavior because he gives me the best opportunity to win the game so odeal sees this because i'm so immensely talented they'll excuse some of my behavior so if i act bullish if i act out oh well as old l he's so because you remember skip the first thing out of their mouth he's so talented i can make a case he's the most having to receive a deva plan the nfl.

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