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Road game of this window and then a week from this coming wednesday folks. They will be back home in columbus not against the not against the mexican national team but rather against costa rica Mark i think pretty solidly should probably expectations given hopefully some lessons learned from gregg. Berhalter in players should be a win. A draw and a win in that order on jamaica has not looked good to start off the window. Obviously it'll be tough for the united states. Given the english bass players will not be allowed by their clubs to travel to panama. because panama's on one of those red list so thus for them to return the england they would have to they would have to go to that country quarantine for ten days and then coming back to england. They'd have to quarantine for another ten days on and those clubs aren't having that and then playing against a decent costa rica team but against you know a You know a starting the history of of hopefully what will be us mnt success at lower dot com field with hopefully be a raucous crowd in a us leaning crowd against costa rica. That are very veteran team. Mark but increasingly group. That's trying to bridge the gap between generations on like the. Us has been able to last thing that'll say on this one mark weston mckennie back in so clearly whatever he did do to break violations even though we haven't gotten official public statement from somebody on the record within the federation about what exactly happened. There's a number of reports out there. Folks you can go. Listen and read them if you really want to Apparently west mckinney has repented for his sins and his back in with the camp so he and his childhood friend counter cost potentially will be playing alongside each other health through through games. Mark your thoughts on this window. Expectations and goals for the yanks. It's easy to look past. I think you said it really will But it's easy to look past jamaica. They just have not been very good. But you know remember. Their goalkeeper is audrey blake They have all this powell defense and kemar lawrence who he's been playing as a central defender o.'neil fisher for ela galaxy And then you know in their attack. They've got Darren mattocks who is playing for phoenix. Rising he hasn't. I don't think he's actually played a bunch. Junior fleming's corey. Burke is hurt and then a couple of other players who are kind of like andre gray for qpr who Couple of years ago was a really exceptional player. There's guys here you know the you know it's easy to pass them. But but i think they're a decent a decent enough squad and considering that the us has been sputtering A little bit in their first set of games I wouldn't necessarily sleep on them. You know this is the us in in qualifications and the reputation from their past cycle still haunts them as was clear in the last window. I'm not super bid. Angsty i think the thing that i said i wrote in a couple of months ago. was about both the nations cup nations cup nations cup. I can never remember. I can't keep leaks cup. A nations cup a nations league all square it confuses. My brain The gold cup. The the us winning those two Trophies didn't mean a lot to me because no one in america is going to pay attention to any of that stuff until they qualify for qatar. you know. They've got to get the job done and A little bit of news leaked out earlier today That john brooks is gonna be out with a back injury that leaves a hole in centreback. I think miles robinson was the presumptive obvious other centre-back that the us was gonna start..

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