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Hopes sergey jarvi goes back into the cabinet. Because i think she would probably then be as special advisor gain wouldn't she but At the moment she's reasonably free to say what she wants to say. And i thought she wasn't tribal and she was quite thoughtful about things and Yeah she was good. We've got some crack panels next week next week. You got some cracking pattern and also supposed to last week. We have some very good points this week on monday. We've got just phillips. Claire fox new zoe williams greg. Clark i feel sorry for greg before then on tuesday peter lilley jason. Cowley emma hardy and dominique samuels. Who's another one. That people won't know but i'm fat. I don't know her but she's a commentator so an emma holiday whenever i've interviewed her be really impressed by habit. She resigned from the front bench to why that was. I was at auto. No i believe can tell me no. No no. don't okay. Well that wasn't story. Edwina currie angus macneil. Charlie mullins from pimlico plumbers. Oh god you'll be lively and gracie may bradley another one that i date night but So yeah. I'm looking forward to next week. And the following week. We're back well with supposedly all back in the day suspect. Now we won't be on the following week. We've got jerry jones. Tim stanley just ingredient andrew. Adonis so five participants in the program all raving wolf tres. Thank you for the world just in touch herself. Anyway i did. I did just podcast a couple of weeks and we will also doing some really good work on her. Leveling up goals with the with my hfs trust and it's the first nature trust. They've done it with so that's a very good interesting link-up you've made their ashamed. Purchased you to come on these seminars on sharing for her okay. What's a missed opportunity. That isn't that And then the next day we got petrella. Wyatt michael cashman. Michael fallon are soccer. Oh vince cable alex salmond andrea dame andrea led..

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