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It makes the experience better and more efficient like an Uber or lift not not really no no this app is is about security this app is about the non emergencies that somebody needs to know like that whole comment box. Yeah. Nobody ever reads the comments, so they're taking it into an app form. They're bringing it into today's day and age. So there's going to be an app available for free. All right. Yeah. Apple users. You're going to be able to use this. And then the riders of light rail are going to be able to report in-incident via the app or text message. So which are gonna be able to do is alert security personnel. Something's going down. And then they can respond. So let me get this straight. You gotta drunk passenger on the light rail. Phoenix light rail created an app to help you knock out the homeless people on trains. Okay. Bill drinks on trade has nothing to do with actually being more efficient getting anywhere. They created an app so that you could discreetly secretly complain about things on the train their goal doesn't that say a hell of a lot about train ridership? We need an app so you can secretly complain about the things you don't like on the train the goal, Bruce. And the object is just ridiculous. Atta time is to make everyone have a safe and comfortable ride on the light rail system land. So if somebody is making you uncomfortable. You can discreetly contact security. I would argue that you probably wouldn't be on the light rail. If that was your issue to begin with. The light rail is another boondoggle just a complete boondoggle billions of dollars wasted on something. That is not the way we are going to get around in the future full stop period. What's ridership like on? I've never ridden. The light rail full stop. There you go. But by the way, never will. Well, I live in Gilbert. It doesn't come to Gilbert. There's doesn't go where you are to where you wanna go like for the vast majority of people, but what's ridership Ben like on it, would you mean is a popular do a lot of people use it as ridership and increasing year-over-year no no ridership was actually down is that just a blip on the radar though ridership in buses and light rail. We're both down year over year over year over year. Okay. All right. Well, you say buses I'm glad you brought up buses because this app that discreet, discreet, complain about. What you see on the light rail? Something makes you uncomfortable right now. It's only available on the light rail. I can't complain about the bus soon though, you might. Yup. Yup. They're gonna see how it works on the light rail first. And then wait a second. If you want to discreetly complain about non-emergencies on the bus. Yes, you may be able to do that in the future. Will they have enough people to respond? I mean can't. Okay. So let me get this straight valley metro has created an app for me to complain about things. I see on the train am I to believe that there's like this team like like the seal team six for valley metro and they're standing in an office, and I type in in my non-emergency. There's a spill drink or there's somebody passed out on the train, right? And I hit send on. The app the new app that they've created. And there's somebody's sitting there, and it's like go train five. Are they're going to run out the dog. Geez. You just thought that's not going to while. I have never ridden. The light rail will. I did have to ride in Denver earlier this year. And it was my first time ever. And I've ridden the subway in New York or the metro and DC, but I wrote a light rail in Denver, and it was with my husband and one of his buddies, and they were sitting to the right, and I was sitting across from them on the left doors open guy comes on guy sits right down beside me. He's got blood coming down his arm standard. He's all day on the train some sort of like turning get wrapped, he's bleeding up on something. Like what the heck do? I do. I I wish there was an app for that. You could have reported bleeding guy on. I'm like I to get up and away from this guy. My husband is about ready to pounds. I'm like what is going on? And reason why I took an Uber home, and I didn't get back on investing in trading technology. I I really think that is the wave of the future, by the way, the only people who believe that. Or the folks that sell trains who believe it is a wave of the future should the cardinals are the cardinals. Arizona Cardinals already at the point. That they may have to fire their first year coach. We're going to bring in one of our experts from Arizona's sports next to talk about a miserable cardinals weekend. That's coming up right after Bob McClay checks in with our top stories..

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