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Know I think that way sometimes. If I'm doing a job and getting tired I think to myself Hey, if I run faster. Get to my destination faster and then I can stop. Yeah. Let's get better. He's is faster and you'll be done with it sooner. So you've done a lie running to or is it the climbing that gave you the endurance probably running I haven't ran I've only ran like I dunno, not that much lately. Is, injury but when I do Ryan I think the first time I ran after lake not running for like four months I. I think I did like four miles. So I was like I was like, yes, still got it. To, definitely the running. Climbing is more for me. It takes more strings which. String. That's really hard. Do you have a history of competing and running though like in school and stuff? Yeah. I did like cross country and track and stuff like that did soccer for a little bit. cheerleading. All the athleticism? Athletic yeah, narrowly just play video games all the time and just have. Less. Bursts bursts show. You were a much different person much different interest are you did play somebody games as a kid? I was playing video games like drought all that is also doing a lot of other things but when your kid you sleep like three hours a day and you're like, yeah, full of energy now, it's like six hours like. Yeah I'M GONNA need a NAP right about like three PM. Maybe a coffee at eleven am and Y-. Now with software engineering and coding and other tech stuff also something you did it a young age. been like. Computer stuff. Leaks, websites, and. Building, my own stuff and whatever. Did you make a Geo city's website did not make it to your city's website now. About my space. I did my space. I had the dope EST mice basically out ever or overlay sorry overlays that it was making. Did you have the like the emo auto play music and all that I do think I had auto clan music always probably be music I was are definitely wasn't enough kid I think. I never jumped on the mice bandwagon. That's good. You Save yourself a lot of. Wasted time. A lot of people were enthusiastic about the customization. Yeah and you actually did use legitimate web development skill in order to do that right.

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