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So anyway, whatever. Math. You weren't doing anything. Miss ruby should just call here with ten four suited, by the way. You definitely do not want to raise and multi way past in general. When someone makes a bet. On a board that should connect very well with other people's ranges. You in turn don't want to do a lot of raising, just because they're betting very polarized, right? If they're betting very polarized to begin with, then you just don't raise at all. And here you really don't want to raise and they get jammed because you're going to be dominated by stuff like ace of X of spades, some portion of the time that is really, really bad. Keeping my hand up. MrBeast, by the way, has a gut shot and a flush draw. 15 K, 30. $45. Let's think about this. Here he goes for a small race. I mean, I realize this is probably just the default raised to three times whatever the last bet was, but that is not good logic. You just want to be raising a proportionate size of the pot because imagine they bet $1. You want to raise the $3. Obviously that'd be ridiculous into a $55,000 pot, right? So. I think he probably just want to go a little bigger here. You may even just want to shove. I know that sounds kind of insane to say you want to shove with the nuts, but it is so, so, so, so, so easy. So, so, so, so so easy. To be against the hand like king queen. This is going to call it off. That will fold out on bad rivers. Like, imagine the terms in his fate after you make it 30 and they call a king queen. They're probably just going to get out of the way. Imagine the Jack or ten, they're probably just going to get out of the way. I think in this lot, assuming ninja's been splashy, which he has, we just saw that 7 tamer got it all in for a load. This is a spot where I think you want to raise and I realize the stacks are really deep, but your hands super vulnerable to getting out drawn. And in this scenario, you don't care flush draws fold. And there's going to be a lot of flush draws available in a multi way pot. And there's going to be a lot of premium hands available like success, like successors aren't going to fold, but they may end up folding on various rivers if somehow a lot of money goes in and the board gets worse. It's like, I'm very rarely saying you want to rip it in with the nuts here, but from out of position against a bet and a call is just so likely someone has some hand that either has equity or is like pretty good. That's that may not hold. Same unless it's what happens. God damn it. Could you hear this Christ, Tyler? Ninja blevins. Like right here now the 8 tracks are just fold. And notice that that's a hand that was drawing relatively thin. But notice MrBeast with a ten four space, can easily call and try to spike, right? And he's doing so correctly. He always want to make plays that make your opponent screw up. Okay? If your opponents play well, you're not making a whole lot of money. Now you might say, if you jam it all in here, they're going to mostly play well. They're going to fold out ace Jack. Well, yeah, they're fully a strike anyway. Or if they have nothing, say pocket threes are going to fold out. Yeah. But what about when they do have the king queen or the king 9 suited or the pocket 9s, they're just going to call it off every time. What about when they have the flush draw? They may have decided to call it off and that's also fine for you because you're getting all your money that is a pretty big favorite. Tyler. So this was the rebrand. Don't be a sound. I don't want to get too much in the live reads, but certainly doesn't look like ninjas bluffing here. Alex flashes, I would not splash here. I think there's some chance that MrBeast jams, not a big chance, but some chance. And the thing is, is that if you spike in Alan shoes and make a straight on the turn with a ten, you may have a really difficult time getting paid, right? So this is a spot where I think the play is probably just a fault because when you do spike, you're not going to get paid. Can you finish this sequence of actions so you can go? Oh, feel free to leave whenever you like. If you don't like the show, feel free to leave. It's not as it will not bother me. Don't worry. Also, people are here to hear my analysis. We're not here to watch somebody else's YouTube videos and sit here quietly. If you want to watch their YouTube video, go to the YouTube video. Looks really exciting. Obvious call from MrBeast here. All right, three ways. Whoever has the highest speed. For the flesh. Probably. I don't know. I mean that looked a little bit too happy to me. I'm not gonna lie. Notice, remember earlier with the 7th, you kind of like hemmed and hawed. Now it's just like snap all in. No, this is so strong. This is so strong. Look at Phil helmet, by the way, who knows he has a nuts. Look at how could you not? Look at how weird exactly. You see? This is because Phil Hamilton knows that he has a straight and he's sitting here thinking, oh my God. When all the money. You say like this is why you really, really, really don't want to show people your hand because even Phil helmuth is acting out of the ordinary. Fulham before is talking and chatting and goofing off. Now look at me serious. Let's do it. Oh my God. I need you to put now. We'll settle up after. You have me beat. Flip now. Are you on the line? I want to build the suspense. I've got something. I want to build suspense. You get what I feel. I am telling you right now, you'll find me hung in a closet with you ready? One time. I have a personal industry draw. Kind of hair. So what do you have? Ninja all in. I remember ninja showed him the cards, showed fill the cards and then went all in and full double here for ninja. I don't have anything. I just had a pair of forks. I was chasing a flush. It's 45 pounds. Wow. All right, then. Nice hand by, I mean, besides the preflop call mister Reese played the hand fine post swap. So that's good. I think ninja probably should have just ripped it down on the flop because you don't really care if the ten forks would be folds. I mean, obviously, it doesn't make much for one way or the other. 99 cents face vomiting. Okay, then, thank you. $1 million. Oh, here we go. Are any of the problems? I mean, I guess she does have the WPT badge, so maybe one person here. With the procreation. It was a creator category. And there was two other creators. We have limp from xQc. How do you say this? And we know how to say this. xQc obsolete with the Jack 5 lawsuit, probably not a good strategy. Ninja should definitely raise here, I think. Now look, basically a bunch of limps, I guess I only could flash pretty wide if you don't think you can get raised all that often by people you have to act, but in the hijacks you have to worry about cutting butt off button small blind big blind, right? Decent number of people who could raise. So I think I'd probably just fold the 7.6. Very very very interesting. I think we need the bag the game's over. Yeah, you might need to pivot your LinkedIn from ten to 8 or two. She has a she has like queens and I have like a special call. Assuming they're playing the 7 two game at this point, this is a great spot for MrBeast to raise. When it goes, then this is a really nice one to go for the race because when you raise over limps, you're gonna get a lot of folds. If you go to something like 2000 or maybe 3000 and then continuation met the flop, you're gonna pick it up a ton of the time in the 7 to offset game. This is not a spot to limp, because you're just trying to spike two pair. You gotta realize, and multi way pots, you have to make something decent. A lot of the time. You're just not gonna make something decent. A lot of the time. So, you just wanna raise. All right, anyway, let's see what happens. 300,000, I think, right? Oh wait, what happened here? Maybe MrBeast did raise a 10,000. Oh, he did raise. He went gigantic. My man, it was covered up down here. Okay, so now let's recap the action. 10,000. I think that's a little bit egregious. I would have gotten more like three. When you do go ten, you're gonna win it a lot. The problem is you're gonna run into a good hand every once in a while and then you actually lose a lot of money. So I think the play here is to make it more like three. Over to Tom, what do you do with your Tom? We are playing a 100,000 effective. I know it's behind this bar here. We're playing a 100,000 effective. Do we call it or we raise?.

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